SJ2000 at a depot somewhere in Sweden.

Travelling on SJ High Speed Trains in Sweden.

When browsing travel forums there are often lots of questions about trains in Sweden. I had the opportunity to travel First Class on the train between Stockholm and Malmö lately […]

The facade of spectacular Villa Cora in Florence.

Review Villa Cora in Florence, Italy.

I was lucky to visit Florence recently and even luckier to stay at Villa Cora. Some people might think that a hotel in an old building situated on the outskirts […]

Bai is famous for its curies and a good balance of spices.

Organic & Raw Food Restaurants in Ubud – Fourth Report From Karin in Bali.

Karin Tydén is visiting Bali on a quest for the good and healthy life. I am very pleased to learn that she has eaten well and I hope you will […]

Langkawi is well known for its beaches.

Tourism on Langkawi – A Love Story.

Langkawi has been on the tourism radar for several years, but not really boomed like Phuket which is a good thing. Personally, I like this state of affairs because the […]

The charming courtyard at Masseria Il Frantoio.

We take a look at Masseria Il Frantoio just outside Ostuni, Puglia.

Puglia is way down south in Italy and on the “heel” of the boot. For those who have been to Puglia you know it is a little different from the […]

Macaque monkey photographed in Borneo. Symboblizes me or a travel agent.

How to Get the Best From Your Travel Agent.

Forbes Magazine ran an article outlining why you need a Travel Agent and it is spot on. The author has really understood the value a good travel agent brings. What is […]