Scott´s Restaurant Mayfair - Baked Spider Crab

5 Favorite Restaurants in London.

London is like a magnet, it seems that everyone is drawn in that direction. London used to be horrible in terms of food, but really changed 10+ years ago. Of […]

U Bain Bride in Mandalay, Myanmar, is the longest wooden brigde in the world.

Read This if You are Planning a Trip to Myanmar (aka Burma).

Myanmar, or Burma as the country was known as before, is South East Asia’s second biggest country with a long coastline from Thailand in the south up to Bangladesh in […]

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Arranging The Company´s Meeting.

We all know that planning a meeting is not rocket science, but takes care, experience and sometimes expertise. If you have an idea of what is going to happen, you have […]

Review of the Book “Cockpit Confidential” by Patrick Smith.

I thought that I already knew what is needed about the airline business and flying, even though I am no pilot. I was wrong! A few months ago I was […]

5 Favorite Bars in Paris.

What is not to love about the City of Love, Paris? It is one of the greatest cities in Europe with lots to do and plenty of bars, bistros and […]

Macaque monkey photographed in Borneo. Symboblizes me or a travel agent.

How to Get the Best From Your Travel Agent.

Forbes Magazine ran an article outlining why you need a Travel Agent and it is spot on. The author has really understood the value a good travel agent brings. What is […]

Sabre Launches New Developer Platform and API.

The title might indicate that this is boring, especially if you are not working in the travel trade, but this is a possible game changer! On May 20th Sabre, the […]

Taking the jet ski for a spin while cruising with SeaDream.

Does Size Matter in Cruising? We Look at SeaDream.

Cruise business is growing bigger and bigger for every year and so are the ships. Is bigger always better? I am not sure because usually less is more. I have tried both […]

A Parking Garage in the Sky? Yes, In Singapore.

OK, this is not a hotel but I have written about the quirky and funny V8 Hotel in Germany and a few articles about Singapore so I cannot hide this gem for […]

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5 Things to Do in Oslo for Free.

Oslo, the capital of Norway and home of EuroPride 2014, has a rumor that it is very expensive. Yes, it is but there are also lots of things you can […]