A New Take on Online Bookings?

Owegoo is a new take on online bookings according to recent articles in the press. Instead of knowing where you want to go you tell the site what you want […]

bali offering procession

Bali – A Diamond in the Rough!

Balis reputation is sometimes dented by the fact that this is the Australians favorite island for charter trips. Yes, you can get that experience too on Bali, which is part […]

Fly high in New York City!

Yesterday we touched on A Slice Of Brooklyn’s pizza tour in said borough. After having enjoyed the pizza you might want to do something even more exciting in NYC. A […]

Why Don’t You Try a Pizza Tour in Brooklyn During Next Trip to NYC?

Americans can be quite fuzzy about their pizza, sometimes even fuzzier than the Italians themselves. Who knew that there would be a market for a pizza tour in Brooklyn? There is […]

Four Seasons Boeing 757 in flight.

Four Seasons are Taking Off!

Four Seasons Hotels have done a splendid job on terra firma since the 1960´s and have now gotten themselves a souped up Boeing 757, with luxury interior, private chef, Wi-Fi […]

Condé Nast Travelers Hot List 2014 is out!

The renowned travel magazine Condé Nast Traveler have published their “Hot List 2014“. They are usually spot on with their nominations and there are no reasons to believe that they […]

social media on computer screen

Social media – For Better or For Worse in Customer Service?

The travel trade woke up late and more or less missed the social media train. For a long time it was (and is) an advertising platform for several suppliers and […]