6 Of The World’s Best Casinos To Visit

Despite what you may hear about online gaming’s takeover, casino tourism is far from dead. Once upon a time it may have been true that slot machines and poker tables […]

Surf Seasons Guide

When it comes to surfing, it’s all about timing. Do you like spinning the globe when choosing your next travel destinations? In that case, if you’re planning to do some […]

6 of the World’s Best Road Trips

There’s no better way to spend a holiday than to embark on an exhilarating road trip with your favorite crowd – but where to will you go when the departure […]

Georgia Aquarium.

Guest Post: World’s Largest Aquariums

Life created on Earth first started from the sea, yes the bottomless abyss with mysterious ancient creatures still treading its space. From ancient times, sea creatures have captivated human beings […]

Mozambique: A Land of Wild Beauty, Long Summers and Crimson Sunsets

During my years of roaming far and wide across our fascinating planet, I have found few spots that managed to surpass my wildest expectations. Mozambique is one of those places: […]

Smiling woman in Ghana.

Guest Post: Discover the Amazing Ghana!

Ghana isn’t on the radar for most tourists, which is surprising for all those who have actually visited this stunning country.  It blesses the visitors with the spectacle of exotic […]

Harira soup in Marrakech.

Guest Post: How to Do Marrakech on a Budget!

Marrakech is one of those magical cities that can be a perfect place for anyone looking for a little adventure. The bustle of people in the streets, the smell of […]

Thinking of asking the BIG question? Here are a few tips on location.

Most Romantic Places to Propose.

As a travel agent you get the pleasure and are trusted to assist customers in many life defining moments. I have helped customers find their relatives during the tsunami in […]

doors in Marrakech

A Love Affair with Marrakech!

Probably you thought I knew it all? I am very honored that you think so, but I am sorry to tell you that I do not know everything. Marrakech is […]