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Perks In The Air: Improving Your Odds for Scoring a Flight Upgrade

Being on vacation or taking a trip usually invites excitement yet few people like the act of getting to their destination. Therefore, coming across ways to improve your status comes […]

Travel News in Short – Summer Edition

Summer is all over us in the Northern Hemisphere and summer is usually a period with lots of people traveling. Here are some of the best and funniest travel news […]

Delta Airlines at a gate at ATL.

World’s Busiest Airport

Knowing the foot traffic of different times in one particular location can be immensely powerful from a data perspective. Having this information allows one to understand the exact times that […]

Travel News for May 2017 – PIA, Veils, Liquor Bans and Cheap Inflight Meals

It is time to wrap up May and here is the news that caught my eye lately. Pakistan International Airlines, PIA, has done it again. Twice! Pakistan International Airlines, aka […]

Chinese flag in Shanghai.

Travel News in Short – April Edition.

Here are some short but important news from the Travel Industry. You will find out more about Countryside Hotels relationship guarantee, SAS offering local snacks and food, kayaking stop on […]

MD-80 pilot looking at his watch. In a hurry?

Pilot Powerbacks This MD-80 Like a Pickup Truck

Calling all aviation geeks! I found a clip of an American Airline´s MD80 powerbacking in Dallas (DFW) that I just had to share with you. Scroll down, watch and enjoy! […]

Emirates Boeing 777.

Latest & Strangest News in Aviation !

I am keeping an eye on what is happening in aviation and there is always something to discuss, but many of those discussions has been had before. However, there has […]

Waiting for a flight during the holidays?

Happy Holidays from Western Airlines – humorous video!

Christmas is here and that usually means full flights with both frequent and non-frequent travelers. The good people at funnyordie.com has interviewed an executive at their imaginitive Western Airlines on how they […]

BA A318 on the runway at London City Airport.

Video of British Airways Landing at London City Airport

You simply have to to see the video of British Airways´ A318 landing at London City Airport. Thanks to its steep approach capability, it can fly long haul to and from London […]

Simon relaxing with a glass of champagne.

Interview with Very Frequent Flier: Simon Sjöberg

Some frequent fliers are more frequent than others. Simon Sjöberg is a very Frequent Flier. Simon works as a courier and has logged 90 flights so far this year and […]