5 Places To Visit if You’re A Coffee Addict

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Best Destinations to Visit in your 50s

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This is the beautiful city of Bruges in Flanders, Belgium.

Guest Post: Travel Back in Time With This List of Places With Old World Charm

If you wish to travel back in time, then head to one of these places with old world charm. Enjoy time-travelling and immerse yourself in a one-of-its kind holiday experience! […]

Georgia Aquarium.

Guest Post: World’s Largest Aquariums

Life created on Earth first started from the sea, yes the bottomless abyss with mysterious ancient creatures still treading its space. From ancient times, sea creatures have captivated human beings […]

Gondola on the canals of Venice.

Do’s and Don’ts When Travelling to Venice

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5 Awesome Destinations for the Brokenhearted 

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Il Falconiere Restaurant at dusk.

Review of Il Falconiere in Cortona, Italy.

Do you want to stay in Tuscany at a beautiful estate that has been in the same family for 7 generations with its own winery, a Michelin-starred restaurant surrounded by […]

The facade of spectacular Villa Cora in Florence.

Review Villa Cora in Florence, Italy.

I was lucky to visit Florence recently and even luckier to stay at Villa Cora. Some people might think that a hotel in an old building situated on the outskirts […]

The pool at La Meridiana Resort, pictured in April 2015.

Review La Meridiana Resort in Garlenda, Italy.

Are you looking for a holiday destination where you can play golf, go horseback riding, explore ancient villages, Roman ruins and the beach on the Italian Riviera is only 10 […]

The book "20 Most Beautiful Villas in Italy".

The 20 Most Beautiful Villas in Italy – In a Book!

The ultimate list on luxury villas in Italy is finally here, in the form of a book! Casa in Italia is renting some of Italy´s most beautiful villas and have […]