Best Cities to Drive a Convertible

It is no secret that I love cars. I love travel just as much and it is a double-whammy if I can combine both interests. That is why I try […]

Best European Casinos I Have Visited

I am not a huge gambler but occasionally I enjoy the excitement, the thrill and the kick gambling can give. Casinos can be sad places where addicted gamblers spend their […]

Chinese flag in Shanghai.

Travel News in Short – April Edition.

Here are some short but important news from the Travel Industry. You will find out more about Countryside Hotels relationship guarantee, SAS offering local snacks and food, kayaking stop on […]

Yoga in winter.

Guest Post: 5 Yoga Destinations to Keep Up Your Practice in Winter

Winter might not be most people’s favorite season, after all, it gets really cold outside. However, it has a unique charm that summer can only dream of replicating. The cheerful […]

Your table is ready at Eriks Bakficka.

Stockholm Restaurant Week 2017

The restaurant scene in Stockholm is vibrant and usually serves creative and high quality food. If you are visiting Sweden, you should check out Stockholm Restaurant Week (or “Krogveckan” as […]

Draisines ready to go out in beautiful Fyledalen, Sweden.

A Perfect Day on Österlen in Scania, Sweden

Österlen is one of the most beautiful parts of Southern Sweden and a popular destination, especially in summer. One way of experiencing the beautiful landscape is to simply drive through […]

Holy Smoke BBQ in Scania is just as good as last year.

A Re-Visit to Reviewed Restaurants & Accomodations in Scania, Sweden

Those of you who have followed me since the start in 2014  know I have a soft spot for Sweden and especially the southern tip, Scania (or Skåne as they […]

The exterior of Restaurant Meatballs in Stockholm.

Review of Restaurant Meatballs in Stockholm, Sweden

Swedish Meatballs are world famous and you might have tried them at IKEA who is dishing out them cheaply and quickly at their stores all over the world. Meatballs at […]

SJ2000 at a depot somewhere in Sweden.

Travelling on SJ High Speed Trains in Sweden.

When browsing travel forums there are often lots of questions about trains in Sweden. I had the opportunity to travel First Class on the train between Stockholm and Malmö lately […]

A typical tray for 2 at Käk Södermalm.

Burgers at Käk on Södermalm, Stockholm.

Harmurgers has been the trend in Stockholm for a while and there are plenty of burger restaurants to choose from, like Bun Meat Bun, Flippin’ Burgers, Vigårda, Svenska Hamburgerköket, Lily’s […]