Australian Road Sign. Kangaroo Next 42 km.

Budget-Friendly Tips for Hedonists: Australian edition

If you’re looking for a perfect place to spend your next holiday, book a flight to Australia, because it’s all you have ever wanted. With numerous attractions including natural parks […]

Group Tour in Israel.

What Israel Tours From USA Offer To Tourists

American citizens can easily visit the Holy Land thanks to a number of agencies and operators specialized in Israel tours from USA. There are many different tourist arrangements and plans, […]

Bucovina Painted Monasteries in Bucharest.

Guest Post: Must See Places In Romania For Culture & Arts

Culture and arts enthusiasts have plenty to see and do in Romania and Bucharest in particular. From gorgeous historical buildings, art galleries and museums to concerts or music festivals, this […]

Sailing in the Caribbean is a great adventure.

Guest Post: Sailing Adventures You Should Definitely Embark On

The world may be a speck of dust in the universe, but it is also vast and enveloped by boundless oceans that give it that particular blue marble colour. However, […]

Grand Ocean Road

Guest Post: A Journey To The Great Ocean Road On A Campervan

So far I have met thousands of amazing people, who love the idea of exploring new places, interacting with new people, enjoying new cuisines, discovering new cultures, and exploring new […]

Welcome to Oregon sign.

5 Bizarre Things to do in Oregon

Although it is probably not the first thing that pops into everyone’s mind, when we mention a US tour, Pacific Northwest simply has so much to offer. Its crown jewel, […]


How to Start Your own Travel Blog

Since the dawn of time, there hasn’t been an activity more fulfilling than traveling. Going around the world, mingling with people from different cultures, getting accustomed to different biomes and […]

Keeping Your Shoes Fresh While Travelling

It is time to confess that I do love shoes. That is probably not the most masculine thing to admit but that is the way it is. At home I […]