How to Start Your own Travel Blog


Since the dawn of time, there hasn’t been an activity more fulfilling than traveling. Going around the world, mingling with people from different cultures, getting accustomed to different biomes and admiring the sight no one at home would believe to be real. Today, however, in the early 21st century, one can not only make a living out of traveling but also about writing and posting about it. For all those interested in this kind of profession, here are few tips on how to start your own travel blog.

Taking Care of Hosting

To start off with the scary part, what most people who never had a blog fear the most is hosting. However, most of them soon find out that this might not be as scary as it seems. All you need to do is find a reliable hosting company and you will already be off to a good start. Here, your safest choice might be to go with Bluehost. Moreover, with the help of Bluehost coupon codes, you can even save quite a bit. With their help, the fee for hosting can go as low as $3.49 per month and since how most new bloggers operate on a tight budget, this is a genuine saving grace. Apart from this financial relief, going with Bluehost also gives you, a free domain name, around-the-clock support and money-back guarantee which doesn’t have an expiry date.

Including Contributors and Guest Bloggers

Next, there is always the issue of the content present, not only in quality but in the volume, as well. Sure, no one prevents you from traveling all over the world, taking pictures and posting about all this. However, your audience won’t be pleased with getting a post once or few times a year (unlikely the best case scenario). This is where contributors and guest bloggers come in. More than any other niche, travel blogs need all the help they can get. Still, this doesn’t mean accepting just any submission. You still have a reputation to uphold, so make sure to set some high criteria and announce clear guidelines. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to say no to anyone who doesn’t meet your requirements.

Going Hybrid

Now, finding the right audience in the blogosphere is quite tough. However, by going hybrid, you have a better chance of attracting them. Two greatest groups of bloggers are a) how-to and informational, and b) an adventure journal. It is easy to see how both of these work for a travel blog. On one hand, there are so many things your audience may not know, like what to eat or not to eat in Thailand. This doesn’t prevent you from posting about the great time you or one of your contributors had in Peru. All in all, by casting a bigger net you are bound to secure a greater catch and, going hybrid is exactly that. Needless to say, it also gives you a chance to get much more content.

Keep Your Day Job

Finally, even though it is possible to make money from blogging, it would be unwise to quit your day job right away. Going on your own and into an online business adventure is unreliable at best, and you will need a steady income to pose as your financial security, at least for the first time. Sure, your blog might start bringing in money from the start, but those won’t exactly be figures you can live on. No one claims that you shouldn’t believe in yourself, but it is always better to be safe than sorry.


While making a living by doing something you love may be possible, blogging can hardly be classified as easy money. There is a lot of work here to be done and not all of it is travel-related. This is why those who believe that all they will do is write about exotic dishes and post beach pictures in high resolution, should give up right away. On the other hand, those ready to get their hands dirty and fight their way towards the top of this niche might just have a shot.

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