5 Places To Visit if You’re A Coffee Addict

Are you coffee mad? Is coffee the elixir of life? Can you not function without a morning cup of joe? Do you live on espressos, mochas, lattes, and java? Whatever […]

Georgia Aquarium.

Guest Post: World’s Largest Aquariums

Life created on Earth first started from the sea, yes the bottomless abyss with mysterious ancient creatures still treading its space. From ancient times, sea creatures have captivated human beings […]

Amsterdam at dusk.

Cities with Free City Tours During Layovers.

Long layovers can be dreadful and horrifying experiences or just absolutely wonderful. There are no free lunches but there are indeed free city tours. There are several cities who offer free […]

Jumeirah Pera Palace in Istanbul is a beauty!

Interview with the GM of Jumeirah Pera Palace in Istanbul, Turkey

One of Istanbul’s maybe most well-known and iconic hotels is the Pera Palace Hotel who rebranded to Pera Palace Hotel Jumeirah. We were lucky to catch a moment with their […]

The beautiful Blue Mosque in Istanbul at night.

Why Istanbul Is a Great MICE Destination!

Istanbul is one of the coolest cities to visit but is it a good destination for meetings, incentives, conferences and events? I have always thought so and met up with […]