The pool at La Meridiana Resort, pictured in April 2015.

Review La Meridiana Resort in Garlenda, Italy.

Are you looking for a holiday destination where you can play golf, go horseback riding, explore ancient villages, Roman ruins and the beach on the Italian Riviera is only 10 […]

Turón at Pig and Khao in New York City. One of our New York foodie´s favourites.

A Foodie´s Favourite Restaurants in New York City.

Lisa Andersson has spent the majority of her working life in the restaurant business in Stockholm, but moved to “The Big Apple”, New York in August 2014. Since then she […]

A happy Karin surrounded by the sled dogs.

Window to the Wild – Dog Sledding in Lappland, Sweden.

I have my full bodyweight on the sleds brakes in order not to accelerate as a rocket while releasing the snow-anchor. The slight noise of the releasing snow anchor is […]

The gamous "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign.

Review of the Book ”You Want What???” –Tales from Las Vegas Concierges.

According to my belief, a concierge in a Las Vegas hotel must have seen and heard it all, so it was with high expectations I started reading Marianne Mohos´ book […]

French Polynesia is a paradise both below and above the water surface.

Guest Post: Explore the Wonders of Tahiti!

French Polynesia is one of the most exotic and least explored parts of the world. It is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and it is composed of […]

An airplane technician is having fun at work.

Interview with an Airplane Technician.

All frequent travelers are familiar with what is going on in the cabin and at the airport, but what happens when the airplane is on the ground, behind the scenes? […]

Portland, Orgeon skyline at dusk.

Tips For Visiting Portland, Oregon, For the First Time.

Portland is the home of the TV-series “Backstrom” and also known as the “City of Roses”, but the city of lavender would perhaps be a more apt image of this […]