3 people in a bar.

Guest Post: Sydney Bar Scene: A Guide For Young Workers

If you are about to leave your office in Sydney and don’t feel like going home immediately, there’s a thing you definitely don’t want to miss doing – visiting the […]

Travel Agent

S.W.O.T. On Travel Agencies in 2016

When online reservations were introduced, it was said to be the thing that would kill the travel agency and the travel agent. Now we have been living with self-made reservations […]

Draisines ready to go out in beautiful Fyledalen, Sweden.

A Perfect Day on Österlen in Scania, Sweden

Österlen is one of the most beautiful parts of Southern Sweden and a popular destination, especially in summer. One way of experiencing the beautiful landscape is to simply drive through […]

Status of the search for MH370 at this point in time.

Update on the Missing Airplane MH370

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has been missing for more than 2 years now . I decided to check what is going on. Unfortunately, MH370 has not been found and the mystery […]

Lavender fields in Provence.

Most Beautiful Sights of Provence You Should Visit

Provence never disappoints. When it comes to travelling it always has something to offer, regardless of your priorities. It has an amazing and rich history, excellent food, legendary wine and […]

busy airport people walking

Busiest Airports of the World – StoryMap

Airports are always a real hive of activity when you visit them; they are a melting pot of mixed emotions be it happiness, sadness, tiredness and so on. There is […]

Fully loaded SAS GO cabin.

Flying SAS Go (Economy) within Europe

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) is the biggest airline in the Scandinavian countries (Sweden, Norway and Denmark) and was struggling with an identity crisis not long ago, since they wanted to be […]

Facade of Hotel Le Royal Promenade in Nice.

Review of Hotel Le Royal Promenade in Nice, France

There has been a lot of 5-star hotel reviews on my site but recently I had the pleasure to stay at Le Royal in Nice. It is a 3-star hotel […]

Holy Smoke BBQ in Scania is just as good as last year.

A Re-Visit to Reviewed Restaurants & Accomodations in Scania, Sweden

Those of you who have followed me since the start in 2014  know I have a soft spot for Sweden and especially the southern tip, Scania (or Skåne as they […]

Guest Post: Off-Road Caravans: The Best Means to a Great Australian Road Trip

This is a guest post written by Manuel Cadaing, who work and represent Retreat Caravans – a company that design and build luxury caravans for your ultimate travel and outdoor […]