Keyboard ready for travel bookings

Travelport Has Just Released a New Suite of Software.

It seems like we are facing a major change on how travel is booked because Travelport has just released a new suite of software. The new software will enable new […]

Air France Boeing 777-300ER in flight.

Air France Pilots On Strike.

The French has been known to be notorious protesters and the aviation world is no different. Air France pilots are now on strike. Yesterday 212 flights out of Paris was […]

Aircraft landing somehwere in the EU.

European Blacklist Airlines – what do I need to know?

Not all people know that the European Commission maintains a list of airlines banned within the EU due to safety concerns. This means that airlines from certain countries, a specific […]

Man sawing a log - is this the new luxury in travel?

Luxury Travel is Being Redefined?

The last years in travel luxury has been defined by many superficial factors like pillow menus, personalized colours of the lighting in hotel rooms etc. This is not a bad […]

The Breeze on Cape Yamu in Phuket, Thailand.

5 Favourite Restaurants in Phuket.

A trip to Phuket is very much about the food. The local cuisine is great plus the fact that you have restaurants of the highest international standards, you are up […]