Pinnacles desert in Western Australia.

Guest Post: The Most Beautiful Sights of Western Australia You Have to See

Western Australia is isolated from the rest of the continent by a desert area, which created a specific biosphere that cannot be found anywhere else. This land is home to […]

Airplane taking off in the sunset.

How Bad is Air Travel Today? – Here is an Airline Commercial Telling It the Way It is!

There is a saying that you can sell anything with the right marketing. That was probably true in the Mad Men era, when flying was still glorious. Airline commercials today […]

Wat Arun, Bangkok during sunset.

Guest Post: 7 Amazing Facts You Need to Know Before Visiting Thailand

There are lots of beautiful countries in Southeast Asia, and Thailand is one of them. Tourists keep coming back to enjoy each and every breath-taking spots in the place further. […]

Anita Gelato in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv Favourite Ice Cream, Bar and Restaurants.

I have been to Tel Aviv a couple of times but needed to update myself on the city. Luckily enough, I ran into my friend Benjamin who likes to enjoy […]

Biking in city parks can be absolutely amazing.

Guest Post: 10 Ways to Overcome Fears of Cycling in the City

Biking in big cities like Stockholm and Copenhagen, to mention a few, is a popular experience. It appears that everybody here owns a bike. For beginners, it is not advisable […]

Cuban woman with a huge cigar.

American Airlines Starts Scheduled Flights Directly to Cuba

This autumn is historic because scheduled flights from continental USA to Cuba will resume after 55 years. A little more than a week JetBlue and Silver Airways started their flight […]

Orlo speakers built in to the desk at The Winery Hotel in Stockholm.

Use Technology as an Advantage as a Hotelier or Travel Agent!

How can I use technology to attract more guests and increase profit for my hotel or even travel agency? Read on and you will be on the right track! Music […]

Coral and Clown Fish just off the coast of Phuket, Thailand.

Guest Post: Five Best Dive Sites in Phuket

Phuket and its surrounding areas within Andaman region offer the world’s best holiday destinations and the world’s greatest dive sites. Some of the dive sites closer to Phuket might seem […]

Four Courts by River Liffery in Dublin

Guest Post: The Canals of Dublin and The Places To Hangout Near Them!

A hustling-bustling vibrant city, Dublin has plenty of hidden parks, rivers, man-made canals, historic sights, and iconic building. From the majestic museums to heritage trail and eating in a castle, […]

Norwegian Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Photographer Kristin S. Lillesen, Norwegian Pressrom.

Norwegian Starts Flying to Spain!

Norwegian has been flying to several destinations in Spain for a long time from the Nordic countries. Now Norwegian are introducing flights from Fort Lauderdale (FLL), Los Angeles (LAX), Newark […]