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How Bad is Air Travel Today? – Here is an Airline Commercial Telling It the Way It is!


There is a saying that you can sell anything with the right marketing. That was probably true in the Mad Men era, when flying was still glorious. Airline commercials today are something different. Today are travellers are more informed, getting wiser and have travelled more. Airline marketers still insists on painting a beautiful picture of air travel. In some instances this illusion corresponds with reality, but air travel is mostly a strain today.

Will a commercial that paints a romantic picture of air travel work today? Are the airline´s movie commercials telling the truth? Christopher Elliot, columnist at, wrote a hilarious but true article on Linkedin on the topic “These Ads Show How Bad Air Travel Has Become“, highlighting the discrepancy between the reality and the picture painted in the commercials.

At we love all things travel, so we decided to put our journalistic hounds on finding out more on the topic. Our team found one airline showing what air travel really is today. Kudos to them! Have a look at EveRy Airlines first commercial:


This article is written with tongue in cheek because we believe the satire in EveRy Airlines commercial is quite funny. How ever, Christopher Elliot´s article is true and worth reflecting about. Especially if your day job is airline marketing.

Are you a traveller? Do you think airline commercials are true and make sense or not? Do you think you get what is advertised? I would love to hear from you with your thoughts on air travel today. Please get in touch  via email, in the comments below, on TwitterFacebook ,Instagram or Google+.

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