4 Things About Travel that Will Refresh Your Spirit


You might not travel very much. Maybe you feel like it’s unnecessary or you can’t find the time. If you don’t travel, you’re missing out on a lot.

You could say that travel refreshes the spirit. We’ll talk about a few ways it can do that right now.

You Can Visit Places Intended to Entertain You

Maybe you live somewhere that features a few places you can go if you want to entertain yourself. If you’ve been to those places a few times, though, maybe you’re sick of them or want to try something new.

You can go to entire cities that exist for entertainment’s sake. You might go somewhere like Las Vegas, but it’s pretty expensive, and maybe you’re more budget-conscious.

If so, you may consider a place like Gatlinburg. Gatlinburg, TN, is an incredible family destination, so that should be on your radar if you’re ever traveling through that part of the state.


In Gatlinburg, you’ll quickly find that entertainment and thrills lurk around every corner. You can forget your cares for a while as you check out Dolly Parton’s Dollywood, with its many roller coasters, family-style restaurants, and her museum. The museum features hundreds of her costumes and other memorabilia from her decades in show business.

Gatlinburg is just one example of the many resort towns that exist to rake in tourist dollars. You might also consider places like Atlantic City or Reno. Avalon on the Jersey Shore is lovely during the summer, or you might visit Branson, Missouri, as well.

You Can Reconnect with Your Loved Ones

Sometimes, it’s easy to take your loved ones for granted. You might live with them and see them every day, but how often do you talk to them or dedicate some time to them? Usually, you might all retreat to your rooms after work or school to watch TV or spend time browsing or posting on social media platforms.

If you travel, you can take your family with you, or maybe you will go with just your spouse or significant other. You can go on date nights at new restaurants, or you can see the attractions that make that locale famous.

You can rediscover what you love about the people with whom you live and spend time. A vacation can revitalize your relationships, and you will feel closer than ever by the time you get back.

You Can Get Over a Traumatic Event

The last few years have been tough on a lot of individuals. Covid-19 has ravaged the country, with many people dying. Political strife has also made America feel like an untenable place to live sometimes.

It’s easy to experience depression or anxiety because of all that. Traveling can make you feel better, though. You might find that when you look out at places you’ve never seen before, it’s a way to center yourself and feel optimistic about your future.

Maybe you can also travel to get past an emotional divorce or breakup. You can use it to create some separation from a loved one dying or some other traumatic event that happened to you recently.

Getting away from the place where it happened for a while can cleanse you and help you get over any recent traumas that weigh heavily on you.

You Can Meet Some New People

You can sometimes meet new people while traveling that are very dissimilar from anyone you know. Maybe you’ll visit a major city like New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, etc. If you stay in a hostel or spend some time in a hotel bar, you might meet some new buddies that have very different lives and viewpoints from yours.

They might tell you about their jobs or where they live, and you can do the same. You may find you’re very different, or perhaps you have a lot in common.

You might even have a romantic encounter and start a long-distance relationship. Those don’t always work out, but sometimes they do. Romance can lurk in unexpected places if you leave yourself open to the possibility.

Travel is a balm for many people. Whether you simply want to take a break from the routine or you feel like you need a total life overhaul, looking out on a new city sometimes provides that.

Think about where you’d most like to go, and take steps to make that happen. You deserve a chance to get away and recharge your battery this year.

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