By cyclonebill - Toast med pighvarrogn, urter og eddikestøv, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Why Restaurant NoMa Copenhagen is No Longer Best in the Nordics.

Earlier today White Guide Nordics revealed the “Best Restaurants 2017 in the Nordics” for the third consecutive year, NoMa in Copenhagen was not on the list.  Some would say that […]

Simon relaxing with a glass of champagne.

Interview with Very Frequent Flier: Simon Sjöberg

Some frequent fliers are more frequent than others. Simon Sjöberg is a very Frequent Flier. Simon works as a courier and has logged 90 flights so far this year and […]

Karl Lagerfeld with his body guard, who also has modelled for KL.

Karl Lagerfeld Opens Hotel in Macau 2017

Karl Lagerfeld is probably best known as a fashion designer and as Creative Director at Chanel and Fendi, but has now ventured into the hotel business with Karl Lagerfeld Hotels […]

Hen night!

Hen Night Ideas for Amazing Fun in Melbourne

Hen parties are about bringing close friends together to help the bride prepare for her new life and have an amazing time. If you want to avoid typical parties that […]

Paris in autumn colors.

Guest Post: How to Pack for a Fall City Break

If you’re planning to get away from the city for a couple of days, don’t let something technical, like packing, spoil your mood. Of course it’s boring and sometimes it […]

Nude woman in the sea.

Best Nudist Beaches In The World

Whether you’re in search of the perfect tan or fancy being at one with nature, there are lots of nudist beaches around the world that are waiting to be explored. […]

Wedding couple on tropical beach.

7 Tropical Wedding Destinations

Every girl dreams about the perfect wedding. This, however, entails a lot of different factors. First, of course, having a perfect groom. Second, finding a perfect dress and last, but […]

Woman doing yoga.

Best Yoga Destinations in Asia

Did you know that yoga is beneficial not only to your body and mind, but also your immune system, personal relationships, and even your sex life? In today’s world, we […]

Sydney Harbor at night.

Top 5 Activities to Enjoy on Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour is a place to be when in Sydney, Australia. The Sydney harbour is a tourist’s haven. It has all the interesting attractions and sights. Learn about the important […]

Shaftesbury Avenue street sign.

A Night Out in London’s Theatreland

So as the summer tourists start to leave the West End the autumn theatre-goers start to fill the streets of London’s Theatreland. Ready to fill the nights with old friends, […]