Tel Aviv beachfront.

Experience Frank Ilfman´s Tel Aviv.

I had a chat with composer Frank Ilfman who recently was awarded the Saturn Award for the soundtrack to Big Bad Wolves. Frank has numerous awards, nominations and has produced […]

Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur

An introduction to Kuala Lumpur.

The capital of Malaysia Kuala Lumpur is the home of 1,6 million people with more than 6,9 million people in greater Kuala Lumpur, which is also called Klang Valley. The […]

Sir Richard Branson celebrating 25 years on the London-Miami route with Sarah Harding

Review of the Book Cabin Fever by Mandy Smith and Nicola Stow.

Mandy Smith is the air hostess for Virgin Atlantic during 12 years who teamed up with journalist Nicola Stow to write the book Cabin Fever. This is one of many […]

Patti Smith.

Rock-n-Roll Hotels!

Hotels has for long been synonymous of an abundant rock-n-roll lifestyle and life in the fast lane, sometimes pretty destructive. Here are a few iconic rock-n-roll hotels. Admit that it […]

Cruise ship moored in the Caribbean.

Cruising Essentials – Things You Already Know but Have Forgotten About.

A cruise sounds like the perfect vacation and it can be just that if you consider these cruise essentials before booking. Choose Ship Carefully. This is probably the most important […]

Barbara Bernt from Ants In Our Pants

Interview with Barbara, the Author of Ants-In-Our-Pants, about family travel.

My family is really small, it is just me, my wife and our dog, which means I have no experience of travelling with children. Naturally, I have booked family holidays […]