Best Destinations to Visit in your 50s

There’s a reason for that old saying – life starts at 50. The lucky among us get to retire at that age. Others, even if they are not so lucky, […]

Tokyo is one of the most expensive cities in 2017.

Most Expensive Cities 2017

Nearly everyone has had the thought at leaving it all behind at some point. People often check how much is in their savings after becoming frustrated at their job. Relocating […]

Great Smoky Mountains

Top 10 Highest Hill Stations in the World

Hills have been a place where the heart feels like returning over and over again. The rolling green carpet of grass and trees dotted with thatched huts are a scene […]

People´s Vienna Line are operating the shortest international flight in the world.

The World´s Shortest International Flight Will Be Even Shorter.

Airlines and media, including myself, likes to brag about how far airplanes can fly. Today I am pleased to report about the world´s shortest international flight, which is about to […]