Blue Palace Seaview Suite pool.

Review of Blue Palace Resort & Spa in Elounda, Crete.

Crete is one of those islands where package tours were predominant for a very long time. If you were a cool and independent traveller, you would not consider Crete for […]

Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase.

Book Review -”Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase”.

We all love a good read, especially about travel. I recently read and reviewed the book “Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase” and enjoyed it. It is a collection […]

Grand Canal in Enice, Italy.

Big Cruise Ships Are Welcome in Venice, Italy, Again.

Venice is one of the biggest cruise destinations in Italy with up to 9 different cruise ships mooring per day during peak season. Tourism is a strain on the city […]

Sea Turtle in Malaysia.

Adopt a Sea Turtle on Redang, Malaysia!

Would you like to visit a tropical island and do some good at the same time? I thought so, and I am proud to be able to offer a solution: […]

Lake at Camp Sävenfors in Sweden.

Camp Sävenfors – In the Middle of Nowhere, Which is a Good Thing.

If you are visiting Sweden and looking for an experience out of the ordinary you should definitely visit Camp Sävenfors in Hällefors! If you are looking for something different, involving […]

Road sign with success and failure to sum up highlights and lowlights in travel 2014.

Highlights & Lowlights in Travel 2014

Another year has passed and it is time to close the books for 2014 and make sure 2015 becomes a success. A lot happened last year and here are a […]

coffee cup with the word blog written in foam

Advice for Budding Travel Bloggers.

This is actually my 100th post! It is thanks to YOU dear reader that I have reached this milestone. Without your encouragement and support I would have not made it this […]

Sunset in the Cyclades, Greece.

Top 30 Islands in the World – Condé Nast Traveler´s Readers’ Choice Poll.

I am a big fan of the magazine Condé Nast Traveler and I simply love their lists, polls and their consumer advocate “Ombudsman”. During autumn 2015 Condé Nast Traveler did […]

British Midland, BMI, staff end of 1990´s.

Working at the Main Desk at a London Airport.

Have you ever wondered how it is to work at an airport? Here is my story on how it was at the end of 1990´s – early 2000´s. The nature […]

Bai is famous for its curies and a good balance of spices.

Organic & Raw Food Restaurants in Ubud – Fourth Report From Karin in Bali.

Karin Tydén is visiting Bali on a quest for the good and healthy life. I am very pleased to learn that she has eaten well and I hope you will […]