6 of the World’s Best Road Trips

There’s no better way to spend a holiday than to embark on an exhilarating road trip with your favorite crowd – but where to will you go when the departure […]

Beautiful Cancun!

Top 4 Things To Do in Cancun, Mexico

2015 was a record year for tourism in Cancun; according to the Office of Visitors and Conventions, the city welcomed more than five million visitors –the largest number ever recorded. […]


Your Guide to Travelling on a Budget

A tight travel budget is a nasty thing: from lousy accommodation to suspicious-looking takeout meals, a modest piggy bank will make you scream on the inside counting cents on the […]

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How to Leave Everything Behind and Travel the World

Have you ever thought about leaving everything and simply buying a plane ticket for an unknown destination? Do you feel restless and voracious for travelling and seeing other places, countries, […]

Grand Canyon Sunsets are one of 10 things to do and see in America.

10 Things to Do While in America

Tourists often have a hard time choosing activities and places to check out during their first visit to America. No blame there either: the offer of interesting programs, attractions and […]