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How to Leave Everything Behind and Travel the World


Have you ever thought about leaving everything and simply buying a plane ticket for an unknown destination? Do you feel restless and voracious for travelling and seeing other places, countries, people and cultures? Then you are definitely not among those who choose to go the road more traveled, have a safe job and 40 working hours a week. In fact, you should take your savings and fly away, wherever you want and do whatever you want to do. If you need reasons for it, beside your restless spirit, here are a few reasons that might kick-start your journey.

Life is too Short and you are Still too Young

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Before you know it, you will be 50+, stuck in your own old pants and a house still under mortgage. You will still be living in the same town, still doing the same old boring job and be unhappy about life, having seen no more than your state capital. This is not the way life is supposed to be lived. Time flies by too fast, and it is memories and happy moments that count in life. Spend those moments in a place of your own choosing, without worrying about what tomorrow will bring. You live for today, so make the most of it.

You are Willing to Take Risks


Basically, you have nothing to lose, yet there is so much to gain. The point of life is moving outside of your comfort zone, focusing on things that satisfy you, make you alive. Embrace the present, and even though it might be scary or demoralizing, know that it can only get better. Only now you have the opportunity to travel the world, rent a moped and just drive all over Thailand, or rent a jet sky and cruise from one island to another somewhere in Greek archipelago. Make the most out of every day, and know that the more time you spend thinking about it, the more time will you lose by over thinking. Go out there now.

Get Inspired


There is nothing better than being engulfed into many different cultures and all that they have to offer. Travel Europe and experience the true inspiration provided by old monuments, life-changing cities and their stories. Live the life of an artist, and keep moving in a constant search for new inspiration. Do not stop until you have satisfied your soul, met hundreds of new friends, been in trouble at least 5 times and felt the need for returning home.

Find new Romance, Write a Novel


It is not true that only in the movies a guy can meet a girl, fall in love and live happily ever after. If you try and live the same life as that guy from a movie, you also will fall in love; find the love of your life on a distant shore of a random country and one day, your children will be reading about it in your novel. Yes, your novel, for it is only logical that you keep writing your travel memoirs so that your life can one day be celebrated and admired.

Make Sure Your Income Goes With you

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Finding a job which you can do along the way is a must. Unless you have a fortune packed on your bank account, you have to make your living somehow. One way of doing it is freelancing since the job does not require your presence and working hours are set by you. Also, you might want to try flipping houses since it is a great way of earning substantial income. Do it for a few years, maybe even months if you are good at it, and you will have enough savings to venture into the unknown. In any case, obtaining a constant income is something that you should definitely pay attention to be able to support your travels, food, accommodation and transportation tickets.

Realizing that life is too precious to be taken for granted has given many people the power to seize the moment. Think about your life, and the things that make you happy. Think about travelling the world, for it might be exactly the thing you need.

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