Draisines ready to go out in beautiful Fyledalen, Sweden.

A Perfect Day on Österlen in Scania, Sweden

Österlen is one of the most beautiful parts of Southern Sweden and a popular destination, especially in summer. One way of experiencing the beautiful landscape is to simply drive through […]

Holy Smoke BBQ in Scania is just as good as last year.

A Re-Visit to Reviewed Restaurants & Accomodations in Scania, Sweden

Those of you who have followed me since the start in 2014  know I have a soft spot for Sweden and especially the southern tip, Scania (or Skåne as they […]

Wall painting at Holy Smoke BBQ shack.

Review of Holy Smoke BBQ in Nyhamnsläge, Sweden.

Are you in Sweden, hungry and looking for a great American barbecue but don’t have time to cross the pond? Then you should visit Holy Smoke BBQ in Scania, the […]

The Falcon´s Nest (Falknästet) at Kullaberg shot from the cliffs below.

Review of Falknästet at Kullaberg, Sweden.

On my quest for unique experiences I booked a night at Falknästet on Kullaberg. Falknästet means the Falcon´s Nest and with its post-war heritage, it is a suitable name. I […]

Restaurant Lyran in Malmö, Sweden.

Review of Restaurant Lyran Mat & Bar in Malmö.

I had the pleasure to visit Malmö where the restaurant scene has not changed too much the last years and needed a new, fresh addition. A friend took me to […]

Thinking of asking the BIG question? Here are a few tips on location.

Most Romantic Places to Propose.

As a travel agent you get the pleasure and are trusted to assist customers in many life defining moments. I have helped customers find their relatives during the tsunami in […]

The view from NIvå 125 Båstad on Hallandsåsen, Sweden.

5 Things To Do Around Båstad (Southern Sweden).

When Sweden is mentioned it is usually the wilderness in the north that is spoken about. Sweden is a very “tall” country and has so much more than just wilderness. […]