Top 10 Places in Los Angeles That Will Make Your Trip Memorable

The first time I ever came to Los Angeles, it was a spur of the moment idea that ended up happening. My friends and I didn’t have a plan, which […]

Los Angeles life guard tower.

Best Beaches in Los Angeles for a Perfect Weekend Getaway

Los Angeles is known for long, wide, sandy beaches with an enchanting waterfront. Thousands of visitors are attracted to these beaches every day, which are known as some of the […]

10 Most Expensive Cities in 2016

Money is a factor for most of us and a trip usually involves some planning and research on the cost of living in a certain destination. Many expected to see […]

Patti Smith.

Rock-n-Roll Hotels!

Hotels has for long been synonymous of an abundant rock-n-roll lifestyle and life in the fast lane, sometimes pretty destructive. Here are a few iconic rock-n-roll hotels. Admit that it […]