busy airport people walking

Busiest Airports of the World – StoryMap

Airports are always a real hive of activity when you visit them; they are a melting pot of mixed emotions be it happiness, sadness, tiredness and so on. There is […]

Artitsts impression of an airport employee.

Working At An Airport – What It Is Really Like!

At an airport desk in a low paid, overworked, under resourced department, with few prospects of promotion, where heated confrontations are commonplace, unsocial hours the norm, support not always on […]

Sun chairs on Santa Ponsa Beach, Mallorca.

A Story About Non-Revving – ‘….where millionaires go when they’ve spent all their money….’

For me the best part of the job was the concessions. Having grown up in Ireland, and witnessed about two good summers in my entire life, I was intent on […]

British Midland, BMI, staff end of 1990´s.

Working at the Main Desk at a London Airport.

Have you ever wondered how it is to work at an airport? Here is my story on how it was at the end of 1990´s – early 2000´s. The nature […]

This is not Patrick Gallagher but a nice illustration of how it can be behind the counter at an airport.

Introducing Patrick Gallagher – Sharing Stories & Airport Tales!

I am very pleased to introduce a new guest writer: Patrick Gallagher who has solid experience from working at airports in the United Kingdom and Ireland. I am very excited […]

bags x-rayed at airport security.

Be Careful About Flying to USA With Uncharged Devices.

You might have read about the statement that TSA released last week about not allowing uncharged devices onboard aircrafts in the US or aircrafts bound for the USA. This means […]