Best Places to Visit in Rome


Rome is one of the oldest and finest cities in the world. There are a lot of palaces, monuments, religious building built in the city and attracts a lot of tourists every year.

When you visit this city, there are a lot of things to do in Rome:


This is one of the iconic and renowned landmarks in the world and definitely your trip can not be completed without visiting it. It was built between 70-80D and is located to the south west of the term station.

Peter’s Square

The Vatican is a small country in Rome and this state one of the religious places known in the world. It is the iconic place visited by a lot of people to see its beauty. The square is circular and is also framed with the two large sets of the colonnades. On these columns there are very beautiful statues of the different religions figures and popes.

The Pantheon

It is the ancient Roman building and the beautiful attraction for the tourists. Hadrian, an emperor built it in 118 AD. There is a rectangular porch in front of the building with the huge columns. In the interior there are series of the stone patterns and the lights spills through central offer. It is really very beautiful.

Trevi Fountain

This fountain is very lavishly sculptured and decorated as the Trevi Fountain. Nicola Salvi constructed this fountain in 1762 which pays tribute to the Oceanus, the roman god. The details of this fountain are really very beautiful and it’s really a true art of the work.

Peter’s Basilica

Is one of the celebrated and renowned religious buildings in Rome and even in the world. A lot of tourists visit here every month. This statue is a true triumph to the decadence and the power of the catholic religion. The front faced of the St. Peter’s basilica is really beautiful and it is also crowned with the statues of Jesus and Apostles. The decoration and the architecture are really divine and are known as one of the beautiful buildings. During the day, you will also see the stunning lights which fall at some points.

Roman Forum

One of the famous roman ruins in Italy is the Roman Forum which is really very amazing. It has a lot of ruins which were once the roman private and public life. These structures are still there and the tourists come here to see them where you can still see some of the buildings and arches. It is located just next to colosseum and the roman forum is also really important for the consideration. For the entry the tickets can be bought both for the roman forum and for the colosseum too.

You can also visit the Spanish steps which was built in 1725 and is located in Piazza da Spagna. The tourists will definitely love the monuments and the palaces in Rome which are constructed very beautifully.

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