11 Types of Coffee from Around the World You Need to Try Before You Die

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Coffee has become one of the most universally known beverages enjoyed by all people around the world. With the various uses of coffee ranging from socialising in cafés, instigating alertness through caffeine, and even the obsession of its taste, it’s not hard to get hooked to it. The differences in cultures have influenced the way coffee can be produced and served, creating unique and distinct flavours and textures enjoyed by all. Here are 11 types of coffee from around the world you need to try before you die.

  1. Americano – America

Also known as a long black or the classic ‘cup of joe’, American-styled coffee is the go-to beverage made fast. Americanos are made using a quick espresso shot which is poured over hot water. This form of coffee is renowned in most Western cultures where Starbucks is popular as one of the most common beverages purchased. Browse through HomeGrounds to learn how to prepare your own American-brewed coffee or alternatively compare the different types of ways that you can process other classic American coffee variations at home.

  1. Cà phê trứng – Vietnam

Cà phê trứng which literally translates to ‘egg coffee’ is a sweet beverage that is unique to Vietnam. The Vietnamese coffee consists of whipped raw white eggs served with condensed milk to give a sweet velvety dessert-like flavor. However, don’t be fooled by its level of sweetness as this drink also kicks quite a punch. Its sweetness and enriched flavors are perfect for any sweet tooth who also enjoys a coffee hit.

  1. Kopi luwak – Indonesia

You can’t say that you are real coffee addict unless you have tried kopi luwak. This type of coffee is originally produced in Indonesia and involves the droppings from the civet animal. Yes, you read that right. Droppings. Civets in the wild consume the ripest coffee berries meaning that the only highest quality coffee is passed through the civet. This allows the coffee beans to be uniquely fermented within the civet and later collected by farmers once they resurface as droppings. The coffee beans are then washed, dried, roasted and brewed into flavourful and unique beverages. Owing to the unconventional and unique means of processing the coffee, kopi luwak is renowned for being the most expensive form of coffee in the world.

  1. Kaffeost – Finland

What are your thoughts on the combination of coffee and cheese? Well, the Finnish have always obsessed over the unique cheesy milky flavour to enrich the typical coffee taste. Kaffeost involves hot coffee being poured over cubes of cheese curds. The cheese curds can also be served as a side dish to complement the coffee.

  1. Café au lait – France

A popular drink enjoyed among French people and expanding to other areas of the world is café au lait. Using pressed coffee with the addition of hot milk, this creates a silky beverage perfect for a morning breakfast. Café au lait is often served in large rimmed mugs where they can be consumed with breads such as baguettes and croissants.

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  1. Whiskey coffee – Ireland

This one is also known as Irish Coffee. We all know how much the Irish love their whiskey, where they also show it in the coffee! Although the combination of alcohol with coffee may be foreign in other cultures, it seems to be highly enjoyed in Ireland. This unique beverage is served using Irish whiskey (of course), coffee, sugar and topped with thick whipped cream on top. You honestly can’t get a coffee any more Irish than this.

  1. Café con hielo – Spain

Take a short trip to Spain by taking a sip of café con hielo. Now a classic beverage served almost everywhere in the world, the Spanish iced coffee is served chilled, pouring cold-brewed coffee over ice or milk.

  1. Turk kahvesi – Turkey

Turkey is known for their very rich and intense coffee flavor. The coffee beans are finely grounded and then are simmered in ‘cezve’, a pot that can be made of copper or brass. Turk kahvesi is then served with the unfiltered coffee grounds which settles within in the coffee beverage itself, capturing the concentrated taste.

  1. Café de olla – Mexico

Mexico brews their coffee with unique spices as a natural aroma booster. This is created by serving cinnamon sticks in their coffee as well as using ‘piloncillo’ which is unrefined sugar cane to produce a sweet flavour. Café de olla is also known for being brewed in earthenware clay mugs which Mexicans swear as a method to deepen the richness of the coffee.

  1. Espresso romano – Italy

Served with a slice of lemon rind that is scoured around the edge of the cup to enhance the flavor of the coffee, espresso romano’s beverage adds a tangy compliment. This drink involves a short or long shot of Italian espresso and is then mixed with sugar. The lemon helps to cut the bitter taste of the coffee, enhances the aroma and draws out the sweeter flavours.

  1. White coffee – Malaysia

With the absence of sugar, Malaysia’s white coffee is said to be a healthier alternative to regular coffee, although remains the thick and creamy texture. It is traditionally roasted with margarine although in newer cafés are roasted in olive oil.

Coffee is said to bring people together. It establishes a distinctness of culture but also relative similarities as all types of coffee recipes are shared and enjoyed around the world. Which type of coffee from around the world are you dying to try? Please share in the comments below, on TwitterFacebook Instagram or Google+. I am very much looking forward to hear from you!

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