Sabre Launches New Developer Platform and API.

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The title might indicate that this is boring, especially if you are not working in the travel trade, but this is a possible game changer! On May 20th Sabre, the worlds first automated reservation system and currently processing travel spending worth more than $100 billion yearly introduced a new developer platform, called Sabre Dev Studio and 150 new APIs.

How will this affect the end-user? The new technology will enable new ways in travel shopping by being able to answer questions like “Where can I fly for $500?,” “Which airport is the cheapest in my area”, “I am interested in golf – where should I go”, “What beach destinations have the best fares in August?,” and “When is the best time to buy my tickets?”. This is a fresh take on travel bookings and welcome on the market. tried a similar approach and systems like theirs will most likely benefit from the new platform and APIs.

The new technology will help travel suppliers, travel agencies, online travel sites, and social sites to integrate booking queries with shorter lead time, differentiate and personalize services and identifying new areas of revenue.

I am looking forward to learn more about the new tools and the possibilities they bring. There will be a hack-a-thon event in late July. Make sure you are invited!

In the meantime, you may read the press release here or familiarize yourself with the systems history here.

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