Which Camera Features Matter Most When You’re Vlogging

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Vlogging has taken both the internet and the world by storm. Vlogging is great for documenting a fantastic trip and sharing it with friends and family. The way we receive our information and entertainment has drastically changed. There are so many people that are becoming vloggers, that they are often left to wonder what features do they need to worry about when getting a camera for their vlogging needs. Regardless of your Vlogging abilities or why you vlog, there are features every camera should have.

What you need to care about

How good is the video?

Cameras come with different video resolution, which will add up to how clear your videos will be when posted online. There are 720p, 1080p, and HD ready choices. Each resolution will work for vlogging, with each choice listed better than the one listed before. Pay close attention to your budget and what your overall goal for your vlogging is when choosing a camera. If you have a lower budget or are Vlogging solely for fun, the 720p option could easily work for you. However, if you are aiming to be a pro and want a one-time investment, you may check out reviews for the 10 best vlogging cameras and choose the best the suits your preferences.

Does it have WIFI?

Most vloggers edit the videos that they take before posting them online. Having WIFI in the camera makes it a bit easier to edit, as the videos will automatically appear on a computer, tablet or smartphone. Built-in WIFI will save time when you are editing videos. Even the most novice vlogger will want to edit videos in some manner, so this option is usually a good one, even for a new vlogger.

How well does the camera stabilize itself?

If you are looking to vlog without your camera always being in a stationary position attached to a camera stand, you need to worry about the stabilization it offers. There are camera options that have stabilization built into it, which will make videos crystal clear, regardless of what you are filming.


While all cameras are portable, there are some that are more portable than others. Spend time thinking about where the camera needs to go and the accessories that are needed for the camera. Some cameras are larger and require the use of elaborate stands and other bulky equipment that would not make them a good choice for portability.

What features do NOT matter

Zooming options

Videos do not require the use of zoom, that is left for still photography. Most vloggers tape themselves speaking, so zoom is not needed. There are some Vlogging that needs zoom, but the majority would never use this function.

Camera flash

When Vlogging, you are taking video, which needs to be shot in good lighting. Having a camera flash is not necessary, as the lighting will be adequate and efficient. While all cameras will contain some flash, many cameras offer high-end flashes or kits that drive up the overall price of the camera. A flash is just an unnecessary option for vloggers.

Vlogging is quickly becoming the new way to convey information and receive entertaining news pieces and stories. Entering the vlog world does not take much to get started, but a camera is the most important thing. Spend your time finding out what you really need from a camera and start enjoying vlogging!

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