How to Avoid Boredom while Travelling


How many times have you travelled long distances and felt like you’ll never reach your destination? Minutes seemed like hours and hours seemed like days. Many great memories of fantastic time spent visiting remote places are spoilt by the memory of the journey you had to take to get there.

This was particularly true before mobile phones and tablets became popular. Nowadays, most people resort to their handheld devices for entertainment while travelling, although there have been studies suggesting that we tend to be more anxious and depressed when we use our mobile phones a lot. So, what are some healthier alternatives for passing time while on a long trip?


A long journey might be a perfect opportunity to finally finish reading that book you started ages ago or the one that your friend recommended. Not only will you be focused on the book and its plot, thus becoming relatively isolated from the rest of the world, but you’ll also be able to learn something new.


This may seem like an impossible task, but you should really consider meditative breathing as something that can help you either fall asleep and get more rest or simply make you feel better by boosting your confidence. You’ll definitely feel more relaxed and positive and it may help you make some good decisions related to your future life and work. Also, if you’re travelling somewhere for an important meeting, meditation will help you relax and present yourself in the best possible way.


One of the increasingly popular pastimes among adults is colouring books. Yes, you’ve read it correctly. A lot of grown-ups are finding colouring extremely soothing and relaxing, especially those under a lot of stress. Whether you’d like to bring to life some lifelike images or simply create your own version of some intricate pattern, you need to know that just half an hour of colouring significantly reduces anxiety. These colouring books are now readily available, so you should find the one you like before the trip, get your pencils and crayons ready and colour away!


No matter how talented you are for writing, it is often a good idea to write a travel journal on a long trip. You can write down your impressions of the landscape you can see through the window or simply some remarks you have about you, your friends, colleagues or life in general. Don’t worry about the format, but rather focus on the process. Alternatively, you can make some resolutions about the things in your life you’d like to change. Having them in writing is actually great since that represents your commitment to achieving those goals and improves your chances of actually reaching them.


This is probably one of the first things people think of when they consider options for entertainment during a long trip. Even if you’re driving, you’ll feel much better if there’s some nice beat coming out of the speakers. Depending on your taste, you can relax listening to classical music or get an extra boost of energy by opting for something more modern, but in any case, you need proper equipment to make the most out of your favourite hobby. That includes a good music player and some of the best headphones in Australia.

Crossword puzzles

The introduction of tablets and mobile phones definitely had an impact on the popularity of crossword puzzles, but very soon many apps were developed to make it possible for those keen on solving crossword puzzles to continue doing what they love. This type of hobby has a positive effect on brainpower and your range of vocabulary as well, which is why it’s highly recommended as a way of making your journey more interesting.

As you can see, having to spend hours travelling doesn’t have to be either tedious or bad for your health. All it takes for you to do is choose one or more activities that don’t involve mobile devices and see how refreshed and relaxed you’ll be.

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