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Here is a collection of mostly blogs and some companies I follow. It is jungle out there, so I hope this collection of links helps and inspires.


Travel By Blog is a great collection of travel blogs, especially since I am one of the contributors.

Gutter Pup Adventures writes and photographs. I like the section about overlooked places the most. Highly recommended!

Susana Nakatani writes about style and sowing. I like her approach “affordable style”.

Daves Travel Corner blogs about travel in a modest and informed way. I like it a lot!

Travel Blog Karolina & Patryk is written by a couple travelling the world and earning a living at the same time. Insightful.

Landlopers.com is written by Matt Long. To be truthful, I cannot call him a friend because I have never met, spoken or interacted with him but it is a great blog and it deserves to be mentioned.

Iulia is blogging on http://thepinkmoustache.net about her trips taken with her significant half. I love her articles about eastern Europe.

Fly2Wales is a great source of information on Wales. I have always wanted to go to Wales, haven´t you?


The Beach Towel Clip is the most quirky product I have seen in a long time, but still very clever.

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