Why Single-Speed Bikes are Not Just Commuting: Exploring Cities on Two Wheels

Travel Gear

While single-speed bikes are often thought of as the perfect commuting bike, as they are perfect for navigating city streets, however, this is not their only use. Single speeds are also an excellent choice for traveling. Read on to find out why you should take your single speed with you on your next city break!


Single speeds are super lightweight and easy to transport, which makes them ideal to travel with. They can be easily carried onto trains, planes, and buses. They can also be stored i.n small spaces and, due to their lightweight, can cost less to travel with

Local Experience

So, it’s portable, but why should you bring your single speed on your next city break? Exploring on a single-speed bike allows you to experience the local culture firsthand. You can take in the sights, smells, and sounds while getting off the beaten track. When you’re traveling around the city as the locals do, you are more likely to find hidden gems and will gain an overall more authentic experience.


Single-speed bikes are an eco-friendly mode of transportation, producing no emissions and reducing your carbon footprint. So, if you want to see several attractions in one day, why not get some excessive at the same time and go on your bike? Opting for a bike rather than a taxi or metro means you’ll be having a positive impact on the environment.

Health Benefits

Riding a single speed while exploring a new city can also provide significant health benefits. It’s a great way to stay active, burn calories, and get in a good workout, all while seeing the sights! Cycling is a low-impact exercise that is easier on the joints than running or jogging. It’s the perfect way to stay fit and healthy on the go.


Single speed bikes are often favored by urban cyclists simply for their style. They are often sleek, with minimal design. They are both timeless and elegant. Meaning in addition to a cheap way to get around and explore somewhere new, you can look great while doing it. The style of a single speed is often just as important as the functionality.

Minimal Maintenance

A big advantage of a single-speed over alternative bikes is the lack of maintenance. They have fewer moving parts, so there is simply less that can go wrong and ruin your vacation. It’s easy to maintain, making it a perfect choice for urban explorers who was a reliable bike that can go wherever they do!


If your visiting a city with narrow winding streets, such as Amsterdam, Barcelona, or Lisbon, a single speed is a must! Unlike their multi-gear counterparts, single-speed bikes are designed for quick accelerations and can reach high speeds with ease. This makes them perfect for weaving through narrow streets, making tight corners, and avoiding conventional tourists.

So, still think single-speed bikes are only for commuting? They are a versatile and practical choice for exploring whichever city you choose on two wheels. Next time you’re planning a city break, consider taking your single-speed bike with you and experience the city from a whole new perspective.

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