Six Reasons Why Vintage Luggage is Your Best Travelling Buddy

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Imagine walking along the beautiful Parisian streets with a piece of classic, vintage luggage in tow. With huge sunglasses, a chic scarf, and your charming suitcase, the world is your runway. In destinations around the world, more and more discerning travelers are choosing to go vintage when it comes to travel essentials. It speaks volumes about glamour and old-world charm.

The air of sophistication that vintage luggage sets bring creates a remarkable travel experience. But it is not all about the look. The design of these luggage sets serves the purposes of comfort and functionality. They are carefully crafted with high-quality materials so it can withstand years of adventure.

If you are yearning for the most fashionable way to travel, read on to know the reasons why vintage luggage sets are the best way to go:

  1. Vintage luggage set pieces are reasonably lightweight when compared to their plastic counterparts. No one wants to lug around that extra weight, especially if airport transfers are involved. Save those extra pounds for your shopping haul.

  1. Vintage luggage sets allow you to express individuality and personal style. In an airport where generic, hard suitcases abound, your vintage travel pieces will stand out. Identifying them quickly amidst the crowds of ordinary bags in the carousel is a nice bonus.


  1. Vintage suitcases maintain the shapes of suits and jackets The classic boxy design allows clothes to fit perfectly, like puzzle pieces. The four corners can accommodate shirts and pants without them being scrunched up.


  1. These luggage sets evoke a feeling of nostalgia. The retro-trunk design brings back the glory of the golden age of travel. It was a time full of opulence and wonder – when people considered flying as a symbol of success and luxury. Carrying a vintage suitcase in today’s modern yet crowded airport will give you the same confidence and blissful feeling, just like the suitcases people had 60 years ago.


  1. Vintage luggage sets are a perfect fusion of style and function. The classic colors and thoughtful details such as leather straps and metal corners complement any look. A woman wearing a powerful pantsuit or a romantic floral sundress will look more stylish with vintage luggage in tow. A man donning a suit or a crisp, white shirt and khakis will look dapper with his vintage carry-on. On the other hand, these luggage sets are created to make traveling more convenient. You can adjust the telescopic handle to a comfortable height. These sets are equipped with multidirectional spinner wheels, so that you can use it on the airport floors discreetly. No one wants to hear squeaky wheels during a 2 am flight.

  1. Vintage luggage is timeless. Trends come and go, but classic pieces are here to stay. Travel essentials that express individuality are great investments. You can use them for many years, and they would still be in style. They can be passed on from generation to generation, and they won’t lose their Talk about a precious heirloom for your future kids. When they go off and explore the world, they will have a souvenir of you with them.

Travel has become an essential part of this generation’s lifestyle. Your best travel buddy would be a luggage piece that can go around the world with you in style.

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