Advice for Traveling Freelancers: How to Keep Your International Business Thriving

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One of the biggest draws of working as an international freelancer is the opportunity to see the world and immerse yourself in new cultures all whilst earning a living doing a job you love. For many, it’s a dream scenario; an aspiration that gets them out of bed in the morning.

However, speak to any traveling freelancer and they’ll tell you that balancing international travel and work is no mean feat. This complicated juggling act requires dedication and commitment, not forgetting managing time zones, financial matters, and even legal obligations as you work in different countries across several continents. If you’re a traveling freelancer, or you’re thinking of following a lifelong dream, then read on for how to keep your international business thriving.

Focus on getting paid

As a freelancer, getting paid is essential, and when you have your travels and accommodation to fund as well as your mobile business, crafting clear, concise, and accurate invoices is key. This is where simple invoice templates from come in. Any freelancer will tell you that working through your invoices and subsequently chasing them is time-consuming and frustrating, even more so if you’re traveling the world and juggling numerous gigs at a time. With you can create customisable invoices with just a few clicks, helping simplify the entire billing process and getting you paid even faster than before. This professional invoicing solution will boost your company profile, too. As international clients can enjoy personalized invoices and appreciate the efficiency of your brand.

Be wary of unpaid work

When your entire overseas role depends on a set income, traveling freelancers should be wary of jobs that are paid for in “exposure” or “experience”. Ultimately, if someone wants to utilize your skills and your knowledge, then they should be willing to pay for it. Of course, there may be some gigs you’re happy to go unpaid for, just consider bartering for something else. For example, that new website you’ve just designed for a local B&B could offer you free accommodation payment instead.

Don’t forget to promote yourself

As a traveling freelancer, it’s not easy to juggle all your work responsibilities, however, focusing on self-promotion is an element of your freelance business you shouldn’t neglect. Ensure that after every completed task, you ask your client to leave you a review if your client would be willing to work with you again. The more reviews and self-promotion you do, the easier it will be for people to choose your services over your competitors.

And finally, keep yourself motivated

When traveling the world, it’s all too easy to get swept up in the beauty and excitement of it all. Especially when things are going well and you’re enjoying recent success. As a traveling freelancer, it’s important to get the balance of work and play just right, otherwise, your business could suffer. Keep yourself motivated by sticking to a strict schedule and keep those time zones in mind when dealing with your clients.

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