Cycling and jogging are great work-outs while traveling.

How to Get a Full Body-Workout While Traveling


A fit and healthy body should always be a priority. Other than the proper diet and complete sleep, a regular exercise routine should also be considered in achieving or maintaining a healthy body. This routine should also be observed and performed even during travels. Most of the time people travel to relax and enjoy. This relaxation brought about by traveling should not hinder one from doing simple and easy to perform exercises as they come in many forms and types.

Choose Cycling Over Riding a Bike

Cycling is a good exercise since it allows all body parts to move. This enables one to go and explore places while having the benefits of exercising. One should wear correct gears and maintain proper posture when riding to prevent unwanted injuries from occurring.

If the travel destination doesn’t permit the use of bicycles, one can opt to use stationary bicycles if available. Exercise bikes have become a common trend when it comes to exercising. This form of exercise can also be an effective cardio workout while toning up several muscles in the body. Moreover it is said that cycling tend to give you a full body workout.

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At Times Choose Walking Over Driving

More people tend to choose driving or riding vehicles over walking due to the comfort that it can bring. Driving allows faster travel or transfer from one place to another. However, people don’t realize the cons of driving in the body and even in the environment. Driving gives one less opportunity to exercise since it only involves a lot of time sitting. Moreover, pollutants in the environment increase due to the emissions of the vehicles.

It is therefore highly recommended to walk especially if short distances are to be considered. Walking is a good form of exercise. It involves all body parts allowing movement of the full body. During travels, walking is necessary not only for exercise purposes but also for other advantages. Walking will allow one to enjoy and appreciate more the beauty the place has to offer. It will also give chance to take good photos for souvenirs and memorabilia purposes. Walking can also allow breathing of fresh air especially when the travel destination is in rural areas and greeneries.

Make Friends Trekking Buddies

Traveling to places that require trekking is fun and exciting at the same time. This will allow a more vigorous work out due to the different tracks available. At times, trek paths may be easy while some will require a lot of energy. Some of the difficult paths include the uphill and the downhill with severe slopes. This will test the agility and endurance of a person. Doing these activities is made easier with a group of people who will act as a support system. They can be travel or trekking buddies who will accompany each other during climbs.

The Do-It-Anywhere Workouts

Simple workouts can be done everywhere. This is a lot easier to perform even during travels since the routines will not require any exercise machines or equipment. The only requirement is the body and space where one can freely move and perform the workouts. Some of the simplest and easiest do-it-anywhere workouts include the following:

1. Clock Squats

This exercise allows one to move and strengthen the front of the thighs, quadriceps, calves and the gluteus muscles.

2. Triceps Dips

This exercise allows one to tone and strengthen the triceps or the back of the arm.

3. The Tall Squats

This exercise allows one to work with the quads, gluteus, and the calves.

4. Dip and Rise

This exercise allows one to strengthen the abdominal and the back muscles.

5. Standing Crunches

This exercise allows one to work with the side muscles of the abdomen.

6. Spinal Extensions

This exercise allows one to work with the upper and lower back, chest, shoulders, and triceps.

Remember to always wear the proper clothing and footwear in doing these activities for comfort and safety reasons. Also, it is crucial to perform warm up exercises in order to prevent any injuries from occurring.

These activities, whether with or without equipment, are highly recommended to be done during traveling. One can get numerous advantages from these activities such as a boost in energy, stronger muscles, improved mood, and balanced body reducing the risk for any diseases. Always remember that traveling should be fun, relaxing, and beneficial to the body.

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