How To Replace Tail Lights in a Honda Civic


Like all lights, your tail lights can eventually burn out. If you think your Honda Civic taillights may be getting dim or have completely failed, it is time to replace them. Don’t wait to take care of the job. Replacing tail light bulb is easy and anyone can do it. Neglecting the issue is not only unsafe, but it can also get you in trouble with law enforcement. Order the parts and get the job done. All good trips contains a bit of prep, and this is how you make your road trip safe and secure.

Replacing the Bulb or Assembly

Replacing either the tail light bulb or the full assembly is easy. The steps for each are mostly the same. Keep in mind that different model years and trims of the Honda Civic are a little different. The following steps are general advice. For the specifics, consult your owner’s manual or repair manual.

  • Battery: The most important step is to disconnect the battery before you begin. You risk electrocution if you fail to do this. Make sure the car is off, then disconnect the negative (-) terminal. After that, disconnect the positive (+) terminal.
  • Access the Tail Light: Open the trunk to get at the tail lights. This will be easier with plenty of light. If necessary, get a flashlight or work light. You likely need to move away some carpeting to reach the lights. In some cases, you may need to unscrew a panel covering the light.
  • Remove the Bulb Holders: Remove the bulb holder by turning them clockwise. About a quarter turn is all you need. They should then lift out easily.
  • Change the Bulb: Disconnect the bulb from the tail light cable. On most models, this is very easy and only requires pressing a button. Replace it with the new bulb.
  • Remove the Assembly: If you want to replace the full assembly, it is time to remove the old one. This is connected in place with a few nuts. You may need a little oil or grease to loosen them. Once disconnected, the assembly will slide right out.
  • Put Everything Back: Put the new tail light assembly in place and tighten the retaining nuts. These only need to be tight enough to hold everything firmly. Over tightening them could crack the assembly. Replace the bulb holder by turning it counterclockwise.
  • Check Everything: Finally, reconnect the battery and, with a friend or using a video camera, check that the tail light is working properly. Once you are sure it is, replace the carpeting.

Getting the Right Parts

To do this job, you need the right tail lights for your model year and trim of Honda Civic. Your favorite auto parts store should be able to help you find the right parts. If you are having trouble finding the parts, consider using a free VIN lookup tool. Many stores provide this. It will help you find parts that match your exact make, model and year.

Get Working

This job is easy to do and relatively inexpensive. Don’t neglect your tail lights. They are an essential part of your car’s safety equipment. It doesn’t take long to get this job done, so start wrenching.

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