How Video Marketing Will Benefit and Strengthen Your Brand

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How do you like to consume media? Not surprisingly, 80% of people prefer to watch videos as a way to gain information, to educate and entertain, and – you guessed it – to find out more about brands. To the untrained business owner, developing and creating high-quality video content can seem overwhelming. Especially when we consider the quality of video that influencers and other brands produce daily.

It’s easy to think that video marketing is an expensive marketing ploy, but in truth, it doesn’t have to be. You can curate, edit, modify, manage and distribute on-brand video content with this video making software guide. Just because you’re not an experienced videographer, it doesn’t mean you can’t utilize this vital marketing strategy. This video making software means that you can maintain brand consistency and produce personalized videos without the need to call in the (expensive) professionals.

So, how else can video marketing benefit and strengthen your brand? Read on to find out more.

Video means more engagement

As mentioned above, video is the preferred way for people to consume content and media. It makes information about your brand and your products easier to digest and understand. Not everyone has the time or desire to read through entire websites dedicated to your latest product. Making this information easier to consume is one of video marketing’s strongest attributes. Video, therefore, makes consuming your message easier and more memorable.

Boost brand awareness

Brand awareness is all about building a recognizable and trustworthy brand. You want consumers to recognize your brand and associate it with high quality and a positive experience. To help followers and potential clients reach that conclusion, you can utilize video marketing to push that message and make them aware of your brand. Creating fun and exciting brand content, or informative and useful video, keeps your brand at the forefront of your viewer’s mind. It also increases the possibility of your content being shared and exposed to a wider audience.

It screams authenticity

We’re all more likely to choose a brand when we know we can trust them. Trust comes with good branding, and video marketing can help you achieve this. When potential consumers can see your products for themselves and they can see the face of your business and know that they’re engaging with real people, they’re more likely to trust your brand, rather than a reserved competitor.

Share and share alike

Video blows the reach of your written and image-based content out of the water. Videos are more shareable and therefore can help you extend your digital reach. And the more people who are sharing your brand and your story, the better. Not everyone enjoys being faced with ads, which are often intrusive and annoying, but when someone they know shares a video that belongs to a brand they may find interesting, it encourages them to seek out your brand organically.

Final thoughts…

Video content should play a huge role in your brand awareness strategy. Reach out to for more information on their video.

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