7 Things Every Kitchen Must Have


To most of us, the kitchen is the closest space to our heart. Eating or preparing a meal is a vital part of the day, and to do it right, you must be equipped in every possible way. Whether you are moving into a new place or upgrading your kitchen from scratch, these are the seven tools that you should have in your kitchen.

A knife set

Chopping and cutting is the first step in any meal preparation. Therefore, start by getting a full-fledged knife set for all your needs. From veggies to chicken breasts, sharp kitchen knives are an absolute necessity when it comes to slicing them in equal parts.

If you are a “Scream” fan, too, you already know what I am talking about. However, be mindful of the brand and read plenty of reviews before getting a set. Look at the chef recommendations from around the world to get the best knives of the lot.

Knife sharpener

This is an obvious tool, and yet most of the kitchens don’t have it. A brand new knife will retain its sharpness for a couple of months, ideally. Once it starts getting blunt, it will require greater force and energy to chop through.

Purchasing new knives frequently is not a sustainable idea. Therefore, keep a knife sharpener ready for seamless chopping round the clock.

Chopping board

In the series of chopping, all of us need a solid base that can take in the knife strokes and not utter a word. Well, having a chopping board is very important because it saves your kitchen top from unwanted scratches.

Also, get two chopping boards, one for raw materials and one for cooked food. This will help avoid cross-contamination and keep your food safe.

Choice of board material is up to you and your dishwasher’s specifications. However, wooden boards are recommended for cooked food items.


All the mixing, marination etc., requires bowls. Therefore, get stainless steel bowls for your kitchen that are designed to fit into each other. Such bowl sets are versatile and don’t eat up space in your storage. Moreover, steel bowls are sturdy and will last you till generations.

Measuring spoons and cups

Want to try that much-awaited recipe that you saw online? You would want a set of measuring utensils so that you don’t mess up the quantity.


Now that everything is chopped up, unpacked and ready, where do you put them? That’s right, in cookware. You can get a wok for regular veggie stir fries and huge pans for stew. Ensure that any cookware you buy is non-stick to clean it easily afterward.

Also, do not use metal cutlery on these cookwares because they scrap the top surface and destroy the functionality. Therefore, get wooden spoons with non-stick cookwares to ensure they last longer.

Instant thermometer

Mapping your food’s temperature is very crucial especially when you’re cooking a non-vegetarian item. An instant thermometer will help you ensure that your meal is cooked at a safe temperature and is edible.

Mortar and Pestle

Don’t forget your mortar and pestle for easy grinding of spices, herbs and ginger when cooking a small meal. Read and compare online reviews to find the best mortar and pestle for your kitchen.


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