Beginner Travel Guide to Europe What You Need to Know, Do, See and Tips


Travelling is an activity that almost every person engages in, we travel for various purposes such as family trips, holiday visits, adventure, honeymoons among many others. Europe is one of the busiest places during the summer. Tourists visit Europe mostly during the summer seasons, not all of them are familiar with the place some might be traveling there for the first time thus they should have a guide that will make their journey safe and enjoyable.

What you should before travelling to Europe

The following are some of the important things you should know before you set off to Europe:

1.  Ensure that you have acquired a valid passport

It is a condition when traveling to another country for any reason, you must have a valid passport. The passport should be valid for a period of at least six months. You will not be allowed to enter another country even for an hour if your passport is not valid for at least six months. A passport can as well be renewed.

2.  Carry the right luggage

Ensure that you have travel backpack that is quite smaller, you should avoid carrying very large bags and suitcases because they might cause you more trouble than you ever expected. You should also carry an extra bag that might help with shopping if you are capable of doing them.

3.  Inform your credit card company

Before you leave to make sure that you inform your credit card and bank company that you are leaving for the country. You should let them know the dates you will be away and the places you are likely you spend your holiday in so that you can get foreign transaction fees without difficulties.

4.  Check on your phone plan

Ensure that you won’t get bankrupt by your cell provider before you start using your mobile apps. Inquire from your provider whether you are covered for where you are traveling to. If you find out that you are not covered then it is advisable you switch off the phone or turn on the flight mode.

5.  Make sure that you validate your travel tickets in Europe

Train and bus tickets in Europe work in honor of the system, whereby you must validate your travel ticket when getting yourself to travel. If you don’t do that you might be offloaded and even end up in police hands and of course you know what happens after this, you will end up paying large amounts of fine.

Things you should do before travelling to Europe as a beginner

Here is the thing you should put into consideration before you travel for a trip to Europe:

1.  Do research on the places you want to visit

You can do this by either googling, reading guide books, novels among others. This should be done so as to enable you to understand the culture, rules, and regulation of that particular country in Europe you have been interested in

2.  Conduct a research on accommodations and book

Europe is a large continent with many countries, there are different types of accommodations in Europe with different pricing. Do your research online on the various accommodations and book one that fits your likes and interests.

3.  Decide on the mode of transport to use

Make a plan on how you would like to have the first view of Europe, it may be by plane, by car or even by train. If you really prefer a car either private or a hired one, then get yourself an international driving permit.

4.  Have an understanding of currency

Most of the European countries use euros as their currency, then you need to exchange the currency of your country to euros especially if you want to have a holiday in France with your family and friends ensure that you don’t bring in problems by not changing the currency.

5.  Understand travel warnings and the visa requirements

Before setting off to Europe ensure that you understand the visa requirements.

The steps to follow before travelling to Europe

1.  Plan your budget

Before you travel to ensure that you create a realistic budget and get to know some of the destinations which seem to be cheaper than others. Budget on your accommodation and trip expenses.

2.  Choose a destination of your choice

Select a specific site you must visit the first time you land in Europe especial the place that you will find your accommodation this will help you reduce confusion. Pick a place that security is guaranteed to avoid the possible robbery.

3.     Choose an appropriate route

Before you book your flight for the place like France ensure that you create a perfect route which is also safe. You need to know the route to your destination.

4.  Put into consideration the travel insurance

You should buy a travel before you set off for your trip. Safety when traveling is the first consideration that every person moving to Europe should put in mind. Confirm if your medical insurance cover can cover you when you are in any other country.

These are the things that any beginner visiting Europe either as a tourist or business purposes ought to have within the fingertips. Europe is a large continent with many countries which are developed and equipped with high technology, you will get to see and know many things you never knew before.

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