5 Fun Things to Do On A Long Bus Ride


Riding the bus can be a great way to explore parts of the country. For some of us, taking the bus is our primary mode of transportation. Others are used to driving our own vehicles to work, school and running errands every day. Taking the time for a bus trip can be one of the more relaxing ways to get to fun destinations.

Taking a bus trip means that you don’t have to worry about driving. You can relax and enjoy the scenery. You might even meet some interesting people along the way.

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Here are five fun things that you can do on your next bus trip:

1. Take pictures.

The photographs are great reminders of amazing vacations. The next time that you’re on a long bus ride, take some time to snap a few photos of some of the scenery along the way. Rest stop attractions, nature, other people, the bus floor – it doesn’t matter what you take pictures of, as long as you have fun!

2. Talk to other passengers.

Whether you’re traveling by yourself or with a group of people, it’s always good to get to know others when you’re traveling. Strike up a conversation with a fellow passenger or two on the bus ride. You may end up having a few things in common with each other. Sometimes we wind up making unexpected friends on our travels. All it takes is a few minutes spent getting to know each other.

3. Study your destination.

If you’re going to be visiting a city for the first time, do some research before you go on your bus trip. You can learn about the city’s history, local attractions, sporting events and other activities that will be going on during your trip, famous people from that city, and so on. You can share some of this knowledge with your fellow travelers or toss in a random fact during a guided tour. It’s a great way to make a trip more interesting and enjoyable.

4. Do something creative.

If you’re traveling on a rainy day or in bad weather, you may want something more to do than just looking at the same scenery for hours at a time. Pack some art supplies, and let your creativity take over! You can write in a journal, draw a few pictures or even spend some time composing a piece of music if you’re so inspired. Occupying your mind on a long bus trip can help the time go by faster.

5. Relax.

Taking a bus trip to another destination is a great way to get away from it all. It can be a nice break from everyday responsibilities. You can sit back and relax! Appreciate your surroundings, and keep an open mind. You may have more fun than you anticipated on your journey.

These are just a few ways to occupy your time on your next bus trip out of town. You can also play games, listen to music, or read a good book, for example. Every travel is different, and there always unique experiences. Half of the fun of a vacation is getting to where you want to go, so make the ride enjoyable!

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