Making the Best of Your RV Mattress


Whether you’re heading out on an adventure or going on vacation, the time in your RV is meant to be fun! But nothing about spending the night tossing and turning on an uncomfortable RV bed is fun. The mattresses that come with RVs are known for being stiff and flimsy. You might even have springs poking into your back!  If you’re waking up in the morning with aches and pains, it is time to improve your sleeping situation.

If you’re looking to get a good night’s sleep in an RV but don’t want to replace your mattress, there are some tips and tricks you can try to cozy up your existing mattress.

Buy a mattress topper

Buying an affordable mattress topper can be a more budget-friendly alternative to buying a whole new mattress. They add a layer of extra padding, which can help make an uncomfortable bed much cozier. It’s better to buy a mattress topper that is specifically designed for RV beds. Some of the toppers meant for regular beds might be too small or too large.

Types of mattress toppers to consider include:

Memory foam toppers

Memory foam toppers are a popular choice because they come in a variety of heights, are soft to the touch, and don’t lock in heat. If you’re traveling during the warmer months, a memory foam topper will help you stay cool and comfy.

Pillow-top toppers

These toppers can be found in most RV supply stores, and are designed to easily fit on top of existing RV mattresses. They are filled with hypoallergenic synthetic fiber that supports your body.

Feather topper

If you want extreme comfort and softness, a feather topper might be for you. These toppers are fairly lightweight and don’t absorb body heat. However, if you’re allergic to feathers, you’ll want to stay away from this topper.

Add a foam pad

One of the reasons RV mattresses are so uncomfortable is because they lack box springs. If you look under your mattress, you will likely find a hard plywood board.

While most RV beds don’t have room for a box spring, they do have room for a foam pad. Foam pads can easily be slipped between the plywood board and your mattress for an extra layer of comfort.

Yes, that’s right. The pad should go under your mattress, not on top of it. You’re not meant to sleep on the foam pad, but allow it to absorb some of your body weight.

An egg crate foam pad is a great option to slip under your mattress. You can also go to a hardware store and request that they cut a foam square out. Most hardware stores keep foam on hand for folks that are working on home renovation projects. Using the foam to create a comfy window seat is a more typical project, but you can easily create your very own foam pad for under your RV mattress.

Invest in good bedding

In addition to uncomfortable mattresses, some RVs come with bedding. This bedding is often scratchy and uncomfortable to sleep under. An easy hack to make your RV bed more comfortable is to ditch the uncomfortable bedding and replace it with your own bedding.

Get bed sheets of your preferred material. Cotton sheets can help you stay cool during the warmer months and flannel sheets can help you stay warm during the cooler months. Find a comforter that is extra soft and pleasant to snuggle under. Add a blanket for an extra layer that you can remove if needed.

The best part of adding your own bedding is that it personalizes your RV! You can choose bedding in a style and color that fits your personality. However, if all your beds in the RV are visible, you’ll want to coordinate your bedding to match. Mismatched patterns in a small space will make your RV feel cluttered.

To find a great bargain on bedding, wait until the end of season clearance sales at popular retail stores. You can find great quality sheets for 50-75% off this way.

Don’t forget the pillows!

Pillows are a quick way to add some extra comfort to your bed. Some folks opt to carry their house pillows back and forth, which is a good budget-friendly option. Investing in pillows to keep in your RV can also be useful.

Similar to picking out a mattress topper, you’ll want to pick pillows that are most comfortable for you. There are so many different pillow types with different degrees of firmness. You may need to do some research to find the perfect pillow, but it will be worth it.

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