Best Social Media Tools Selected by Top Marketers

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Social media tools are very instrumental in marketing efforts conducted by all types of businesses today. However, there are those that have produced great results than others since the inception of this technology in marketing as highlighted in here.

There are very many tools in the social media world today and one may be spoilt for choice as to which is the best especially for marketers. Experts from my homework done services agree that this is indeed a jungle with a lot of options to choose from. There are a lot of add-ons, apps and integrations to invest in. There are lots of strategies you can follow to get more Facebook Likes. Without the right knowledge and information, you may not know what to settle for. However, top marketers have succeeded in identifying what works for them among the many social media platforms available today. Here are the top social media tools as voted for by top marketers:

# 10. Planoly

Native social media posts have been found to get a lot of engagement but scheduling posts has also proved to be a lot easier that allows your posts to be shared automatically without having to do it manually. Take for example, if you got Instagram followers from around the world. That means there will be some of them awake when you are asleep. Definitely, you can’t be up all day and all night long.

Paper editing experts say that Planoly helps marketers to schedule posts and auto post them and at the same time help in quickly discovering content by searching for usernames or hashtags. On top of that, there is an uncomplicated bulk upload function that can be used to add content and lay out a plan to make the social media feed appear appealing and cohesive. This is an easier way of sourcing for content and making feeds much better than before.

#9. Elevate

Marketers use Elevate when they want to make things streamlined and simple. It is a great option for sharing, organizing and evaluating all posts made across various social media platforms especially Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. This can be done on daily basis, giving you the chance to track all your engagements.

#8. Sumo

The Sumo tool is a hybrid tool whose operation is comparable to a Swiss Army Knife. It helps marketers survive and thrive in the digital world wilds through the creation of social-sharing buttons – SMS, WhatsApp, onsite and Flipboard – and monitoring their social counts on all their blog postings. One great feature with Sumo is the Welcome Mat, a pop-up that will capture email addresses. In a short while, marketers are able to get very many email subscriptions.

#7. Tweeps Map

One of the mistakes people make with marketing today is the lack of laser targeting and its broad nature. However, with Tweeps Map, marketers can get a visual representation of the location of their followers on geographical grounds to make effective twitter marketing and so on. With these details, one can run targeting to their followers from certain regions, and ensure that the content is valuable and relevant for them.

#6. Animoto

This is a Native video, a top-reaching type of post on Facebook. It gets much more engagements of link posts and photo posts than conventional content sharing forms. It comes with great templates, stock music and themes. Ideally, it is a marketing builder platform where text overlays can easily be added. This is particularly important for sound-off autoplay videos available on Facebook newsfeed since most of the Facebook video ads are viewed while the sound is off.

#5. Moz’s Fresh Web Explorer

This tool is comparable to BuzzSumo in terms of function and delivery. The Moz’s Fresh Web Explorer is great for establishing mention alerts and at the same time in finding content for purposes of sharing socially by way of keyword notifications. The mention authority feature operates directly through Moz’s domain and page authority metrics to help in sorting out through every noise usually with catch-all assessment tools.

#4. BuzzSumo

This social media tool helps marketers see what is hot in their social media space and what is not trendy. Based on this information, one can form ideas on the type of posts to do for their blogs in order to generate traffic and consequent leads for conversion. With BuzzSumo, you get to know who shared the content and that helps you to contact them and ask them to keep doing so.

#3. Twitter

Marketing involves activities that facilitate the movement of goods and services from the producer to the consumer. It is important to keep in touch with them and one of the ways to do so is marketing through twitter. Through this platform, marketers communicate their appreciation to their supporters and make quick replies to questions or any concerns. It is a sure way of keeping clients informed about what you are doing to get them what they need from you.

#2. Buffer

This tool ranks among the top ones because one can install a browser widget that allows them to buffer any image or page they get to sent right away or later on. Again, it is content inbox in that URLs of favourite blogs can be entered and get to instantly create a big list of tweets from a choice blog. This is a transparent company that publishes what they earn against what people will get paid.

#1. Instagram

Instagram provides a storytelling format that is simple for marketers to pass on their message to the target audience. This social media platform helps you to connect with others deeply and immediately more than you would on other social media tools. Marketers can share photos of their products, services and brands for others to see what they are offering to them. It is definitely one of the best tools to use to promote businesses in the social media world.

Final Remarks

With the many social media tools in the market today, one can find difficulties in finding out what works for them. Based on information provided by writing from home marketing professionals, here are the best social media tools to get you started with.

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