Hotel Guest Satisfaction Facts – Infographic


The good people at The Europe in Killarney, Ireland has created this informative infographic about guest satisfaction at luxury hotels. It is an excellent compilation of insights & takeaways (with the sources at the bottom of the infographic) and many conclusions to be made.

The hotel market has seen major advances in revenues, occupancy, marketing, technology and an ever changing customer base in the past decade. The staple of the hospitality industry was valued at $457 billion dollars in 2011, but industry experts predict it will be worth an estimated $550 billion dollars by the end of 2016.

Major trends for the industry evolve around technology trends such as hotels streamlining their IT departments by implementing software-as-a-service solutions, to hotel guest trends where the new global consumer is the highly connected Millennial generation taking over from the retirement age Baby Boomers.

Hotel marketing trends will continue to prioritize dynamic rate marketing where customers can compare prices and book online in real time, in addition to social media as a tool that continues to drive the customer engagement experience.

One of the points is that free Wi-Fi is the no 1 amenity for hotel guests. If this is something you are thinking about as a hotel manager, you do want to read this article: Use Technology as an Advantage as a Hotelier or Travel Agent.


Head over to to check out the hotel who made all this information available to us.

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