How Vieques Bioluminescent Bay Glows in The Dark

Puerto Rico

Out of the five bioluminescent bays out there, Mosquito Bay in Puerto Rico is the most popular one. Tourists flock this fantasy-like place on Vieques Island off the east coast of the country to witness the glowing phenomenon. Thus, the Vieques bioluminescent bay tour should be on your bucket list when visiting Puerto Rico.

What is this unusual occurrence?

The microorganisms that cause the bio bay bioluminescence are dinoflagellates. Whenever there is a movement or disturbance, these organisms glow in a blue-green color. So, the bioluminescent bay gives a distinctive glow in every motion and splash in the water. While the dinoflagellates are present anywhere in the ocean, it’s rare to see them in waters with high concentrations. It means that these single-celled creatures in the water must be in large amounts to light up the area, and Mosquito Bay is the perfect home for them. At night, when there is no moon, you’re in for a fantastic treat of seeing the blue-green glow.

The bioluminescent bay in Puerto Rico has more than 160,000 dinoflagellates for every liter of the bay. It enables these microscopic to undergo some chemical reactions that transform into magic. Luciferin is the chemical that is responsible for setting off this unique reaction in the dinoflagellates. Luciferin hides in the cells of these organisms and illuminates when coming in contact with oxygen sheds. The cells regulate the secretion of the chemical Luciferin automatically, especially during night time when they are at their maximum.

Plan your Vieques bioluminescent bay adventure well

Do your due diligence and know the lunar cycle of the moon. While it’s possible to go to the Vieques bioluminescent bay at any time, if you want the best view of the area and want to enjoy the waters, then you need a clear night without the moon. Call the kayak touring company and find out how bright the Mosquito Bay is lately. If you want to go on a perfect night, call in advance and ask about how sparkly the bay is. The kind of trip you will experience varies on the concentration of the microorganisms in the water. It’s good to know that the seasons, tides, temperatures, storms, etc., can affect the intensity of the glow. The touring company can help give you a clear idea of the best time to go to the bay. If you are staying for a month or more, consider shipping your car to Vieques.

Considering that numerous people also want to experience the Vieques bioluminescent bay, you need to ask for an available schedule. The high rate of tourism in the bio bay does not affect the solitude, and the magical moment you will experience during the trip. Also, it can be tempting to swim in this magical bay, but it’s not possible, as there are strict efforts in conserving the brightest place on earth. However, there are certain places in the area wherein you can legally swim in bioluminescent water, but not in the same intensity of the Mosquito Bay in Vieques.

There is no other way to fully experience the waters and spectacle in the bioluminescent bay than to go there personally. The pictures you see do not give justice to how mesmerizing the bio bay is. After all, your visit to the Vieques island will never be complete without going on an adventure in the bioluminescent bio bay.

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