Protect your Device with Best Android VPN when Travelling

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Your phone has become a mini entertainment system. Imagine your music library, GPS, a translator, or even your camera all packed into one device. You can never forget it even if you’re about to miss your flight— it has become a critical part of our travel experience. In this day and age, and with the new set of phones in the market, your travel experience can be enhanced further.

Vacationing with your phone has it a Downside Though

So many smartphones get stolen, lost, or even damaged during vacation. Take Australia, for example, over 100, 000 mobile phones are stolen or lost yearly according to the AMTA reports. What that means is 2, 000 mobile phones or one in every six minutes. But you can vacation in peace with your sanity intact—and keep your phone data safe even if you’re a victim of a stolen phone. The following tips will suffice.

Clean up your Device

Ensure that the software on your phone is updated. New versions of the operating system and apps come with security patches. As long as you’re not running an outdated version of apps or software, you’re secured against bugs. If you, however, have old apps, delete them. Apps have a way of tracking your location or even collect data that concerns you. With the best Android on VPN, your personal data is safe.

Turn on Biometric Protection

Quite a many of smartphone users do not border to use a password to protect their phones. One of the first things about securing your phone is using a password to protect your phone—they’re the first line of defense when you lose your phone.

Backup Data

Before jetting out to wherever and while you’re  on vacation, backup every contact on your phone and also the data—like photos—so in case your phone gets stolen or lost, it becomes easy restoring your data.

Manage Privacy Settings and Turn off Location

Apps are known to collect location information for specific purposes—to sell you something or enhance your experience. In as much as this may help a great deal, location services should not be enabled at all times. However, if you must enable it, then turn to best Android VPN. Your privacy setting on social media should not be overlooked.

Public Wi-Fi hotspots are not good for you

We know Wi-Fi can save you so much money on data roaming while you’re abroad—cellular connection will cost more. But the problem with Wi-Fi is that it is less secure, and if the network is not protected with a password, it could even be worst. It is possible for hackers to intercept communication and eventually steal passwords, personal information, like credit card details, etc.

Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when it is not in use

With these services on, expect their radios to continually search for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth they can connect to. When the radio consistently pings, it can give away your location—but that may not be the case if you’re on the best Android VPN.

Ensure “find-my-phone” is on and Remote Wiping

In case you lose your phone or it was stolen, the find-your-phone feature will come handy to help you locate it. Again, wiping your device data may be necessary here, so the person who has it can’t access any information. If you lose it and it is not enabled, then it can’t work.


You can enjoy that vacation with your phone safely protected—and even if you lose it while on vacation, no cause for alarm. The best Android VPN will come to your rescue if you ever had to go online while on your travels.

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