Stuck at Home? How to Stay Sane and Satiate Your Wanderlust


The whole world has come to a standstill over the last few weeks, and it’s taking its toll on everyone. But besides those at risk and the ones close to them, a lot of travelers have to deal with being stuck at home and might have trouble coping with the limitations. Still, there are ways to get something positive from this experience, and if you like traveling a lot, this is the perfect occasion to grow and better yourself. Here are some ways that you can stay grounded and satiate your wanderlust during these quarantine times.

Recharge Your Batteries

The first thing you have to do is accept the situation and make the most of it. There’s no need to rage, and it’s pretty much useless, so you have to find ways to appreciate your home more.

One of the things you have the opportunity to do right now is realize the importance of resting during this period. Take it as a sign that you need to slow down and appreciate the little things. You should also try to make your house a sanctuary, especially your room.

For instance, if you miss staying at different hotels around the world, why don’t you give your bedroom a hotel room makeover? The first thing you could do is upgrade your bed and mattress. Memorial Day is just around the corner – Zoma has some good memorial day mattress deals. They also have affordable foundations that will be perfect for a minimalist look.

You can then make some additions such as upgrading the window treatments, adding a plush rug under the bed, and adding a big screen TV. Most hotel rooms will also have things like a seating area and a snack station. So, don’t be afraid to let your imagination run wild and find examples of accessible hotel room designs you’ll be able to duplicate.

Start Looking at New Hobbies

You’re probably a naturally energetic person and only need an outlet to channel all of that energy you have right now. This would be a great time to start working on a new hobby. With the world at your fingertips, you can learn virtually any skill at the touch of a button.

You could start learning how to paint, for instance, and paint beautiful sceneries from your past travels. Or you could start looking at some of the destinations you wanted to visit and brush up on your language skills. There is a quasi-infinite number of languages to choose from, and these will come in handy later on. They could even open up some future opportunities for you as well.

Stay Active

The worst thing you can do is fall into lethargy. Travel lovers are usually very active by nature and going into a sedentary state can be especially difficult for them. Do anything you can to keep your blood and those feel-good hormones pumping.

You could invest in an exercise machine that is related to the sports and activities you love the most. If you love golfing, then there are tons of great simulators you can find on the market with real-life sceneries. Outfit your cycling machine with power meter bike pedals to keep track of your fitness. This way, your power and stamina won’t deteriorate even when you can’t engage in your usual fitness activities. Or you could buy a cycling or rowing machine. You could even get yourself a gaming console with motion control like the Wii or the Switch and buy sport/fitness related games. Anything that will keep you active and remind you of the things you like to do the most.


We hope these few tips will allow you to get through this tough time, and even find some good in all of this. Whatever you do, always remember that it’s only for a season, and keep your heart rate and spirits up if you want to feel your best.

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