Should You Take Your Dog To Travel With You? Pros & Cons


Your favorite time of year is here. You are planning your vacation. Regardless of the location, there are plenty of things you need to take care of. First of all, you should plan the whole trip. Get your tickets, accommodation, look under the hood of your vehicle in case you need some minor repairs.

But, there’s one dilemma about the whole situation. Should you bring your best friend with you? Yes, your loving dog. Think about it and consider all options, before making a final decision. Once you look into all pros and cons, you’ll know what to do. Take a glance at tips below which will hopefully give you some answers.



Having happy passenger will keep you awake while driving, and you won’t be thinking if your dog is hungry, or lonely. The trip shouldn’t take long, so once you arrive at your destination, everything should be the same as you and your friend are used to.


Your dog will most certainly facilitate meeting new people on the road. You’ll get a lot of new friends thanks to your little companion. A lot of positive energy will follow you all the time. Everybody will smile and be eager to help in case you’re having trouble finding your way.


In case you leave your dog at your friend’s, you’ll be forced to think if everything is ok, and to call them often to check. If your dog is traveling with you, it’s going to be a great bonding experience and exciting adventure for both of you.


It is highly stressful for your dog to travel in the cargo hold of a plane. So if you choose to take them with you, better choose traveling by car. Long drives can be fun. You will be listening to some great road music, and you’ll get an oportunity to explore new places and meet a lot of new people. Numerous stops can be a win-win situation, since your pet will appreciate a break or two.

No sedation

In case you decided to take your dog on a plane ride, the great policy of all major companies is to refuse to transport sedated animals. This is good news since sedation is very unhealthy for them. You should also make sure not to feed your dog right before a long drive or flight.



You will need to bring all medical records and proofs of vaccination. You should also check your dog’s identification and make sure everything is up to date. You will need a whole bunch of paperwork if you choose air travel for you and your dog. Make sure to learn about all requirements specific to the area you’re heading to.


If you choose to travel with your dog, keep in mind that you’ll need to pack all their stuff as well. You’ll need a leash, bed, litter box, food, bowls, toys etc. Make sure that you write your phone number on their collar in case you get in crowded place and you lose visual on them.


In order to organize a trip with the dog, you’ll need to add some extra cash in your budget. Not just for food, but for first aid kit. This kit is essential because you’re going to unknown and you can’t be sure how your dog will react in new situations. The road brings a lot of challenges, so you should be prepared for that.


If by no means you can’t avoid traveling by plane, bare in mind that packing your dog in a cargo of a commercial plane is frightening for them – they will travel in the dark, feel the pressure change without knowing what is happening, plus no matter how carefully done, the landing could be very dangerous. Experts from Cooltre dog boarding Perth-based professionals recommend leaving them in safe hands, if at all possible.


The road is highly unpredictable and your best friend can become nervous. Therefore, a smart decision would be taking and printing a photo of your dog so you can find them in case they’re lost. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation searching for copy shop in a middle of the road.

Trial trip

If you’ve never traveled with the dog, you should consider going on a shorter trip before deciding should you bring them on a vacation. Make sure your dog can handle all the bumps and long drive. To do this, you’ll probably have to take a few days off, and that might be challenging. You don’t want to get behind with your responsibilities and work assignments.

Final thoughts

Bringing your dog on a vacation isn’t as easy as you might have thought. But, it doesn’t need to be a nightmare as well. Make sure to go over all upsides and downsides of traveling with your dog. There are some great options for either decision and you shouldn’t worry about that. Just listen to your intuition and go with it.

If you decide to have a company on the road, follow the instructions above and you’ll be all set. Remember that all of the cons are just precautions, and most probably you won’t have any issues during the trip. Arm yourself with high spirits and hit the road!

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