The book "20 Most Beautiful Villas in Italy".

The 20 Most Beautiful Villas in Italy – In a Book!


The ultimate list on luxury villas in Italy is finally here, in the form of a book! Casa in Italia is renting some of Italy´s most beautiful villas and have gone through their inventory to select the 20 most beautiful villas in Italy. In my humble opinion it is a reliable list, because Casa in Italia visits the villas regularly and know the properties well, but naturally it is ultimately about personal preference.

I understand that you are just as curious about the villas as I was when the book arrived, so without any further delay, I am pleased to introduce the villas without any particular order:

Casa OliviMarches
Trulli AngeloPuglia
Villa dell’OrsoPiemonte
Casa RoccaveranoPiemonte
Casa WintherUmbria
Casa BramasoleUmbria
Le PorcigliaTuscany
La SorgenteTuscany
La MaccinaiaTuscany
La FloraTuscany
La Corte MalgiaccaTuscany
Il BaffoTuscany
Casa BluSiracusa

The book is published in a limited edition and only available while stock lasts. No re-prints are planned at this point according to David Büngers at Casa In Italia. All villas can be seen on

If you are sceptic about staying in a villa, you might want to check out Rental villa vs Hotel where Trulli Angelo is mentioned. All villas can be found on Casa in Italia´s website. When visiting, please do not miss their blog which is filled with interesting facts about the villas and additional material.

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