Delta Airlines at a gate at ATL.

World’s Busiest Airport


Knowing the foot traffic of different times in one particular location can be immensely powerful from a data perspective. Having this information allows one to understand the exact times that customer traffic is at its premium and take advantage of it and also to ensure that enough staff are present in order to maintain and provide superior customer service levels.

With niches like brick and mortar retail under severe pressure in terms of survival, every element of the retail experience matters and so a savvy retailer knows that one way to gain not only quick wins but also sustainable customer advantage is to provide high quality customer service.

This can only be achieved if the necessary amounts of staff are present to deliver that optimal customer service. Today there are a number of options in terms of people counting software. Some are simple and very much affordable solutions but technology has allowed for the advancement of data too. Some people traffic solutions will have the ability to give you information such as traffic hotspots within, for example a store.

In terms of an airport situation, it can assist in creation of the best paths with the customer “journey” through the airport; it can also help to drive retail sales at the airport by knowing the times when to put on extra staff.

The guys at Storetraffic have put together this infographic which details all you need to know about the world’s busiest airport which is in Atlanta. Learn all you could ever want to know about the statistics surrounding this amazing airport. Check it out below!

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