7 Amazing Gadgets You Must Carry While Traveling

Travel Gear

Nothing in this world is as fulfilling and enlightening as traveling. You can experience the world in its most raw form, you can discover yourself and be more spiritually enlightened, and have loads of fun while you’re at it too.

But we must admit that traveling is painfully inconvenient as well. Especially when people are traveling on their own for the first couple of times, they face challenges that they never thought that they would have to.

So here is a list of gadgets you must carry with you on your traveling ventures, to take out the inconvenience and leave only the good.

All-in-One Adapter

All-in-one adapters are simple yet extremely handy inventions. Chances are that you are carrying your phone, laptop, and any other number of chargeable devices on you and most of them, if not all, require a different charging head. So with this little plug, you are sure to never be unlucky!

Travel Iron

If you are out for a conference, a workshop or any formal event, you will need to look your sharpest. Since laundry services are expensive and normal irons occupy too much space, your best bet is a traveling iron. You can stow it in any small spot and it comes with a variety of options like steam-ironing and multiple temperatures.


Waiting for your plane to take off and being in transit with nothing to do is not fun. Having a lightweight device that carries all your book in one place can be a life saver for you, especially if you love to read as a hobby. So, instead of loading your bag with books that take up too much space, just buy a Kindle. It works in strong sunlight and occupies hardly any space.

Traveling Precision Cooker

When you have been traveling for a long time, you eventually start to get homesick. You might miss some home-cooked food too since you are being forced to eat nothing but store-bought stuff and some other things that don’t really agree with you. But with this precision cooker by your side, you can cook whatever meal you want, wherever you want. It connects to an app so you don’t have to worry about an outlet either! Just get a pan and your ingredients and you are good to go.

Handheld espresso machine

Are you a coffee junkie? If yes, then nothing can help you out like a handheld espresso machine! No matter where you wake up in the morning, just know that you will be able to make yourself a shot of espresso to get through the day. Some of these options are also worth checking out.

Wi-Fi Hotspot

When traveling, you find yourself in a lot of places where you feel totally disconnected from the world. So, in order to make sure that someone always knows where you are; carry a portable Wi-Fi hotspot with you!

Solar-Powered Light

Lastly, you know you don’t want to find yourself lost in the darkness in an unknown land. Battery-powered lights are great but finding new batteries when you run out of them is quite a hassle. So in this scenario, make sure you have a solar-powered light to illuminate your path in times of distress!

What are your best gadgets for travel? Please let me know via email, on TwitterFacebook Instagram or Google+. I am very much looking forward to hear from you!


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